10 Best Underrated Anime With An Overpowered Main Character

foreign  this bunch of overpowered protags may be  underrated but the ass whooping sure  does look the usual if anything  underrated beat downs are usually the  best ones  straight  welcome back to Timenow.one  because today  we have compiled for you a list of 10  very underrated anime with an  overpowered main character let’s get  right into it

10. Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly  delusion  however it’s a filthy decrepit World  crawling with monsters  it’s hell the world outside is  completely lifeless and almost entirely  void of anything that can be called  human the Wasteland is instead inhabited  by Eerie powerful supernatural creatures  which roam about freely life however  does exist with enclosed walls where  children are raised in a controlled  environment by robots my mind and  everything is a man’s  ah  so yeah  um I’m a man maroon kiriko are two  individuals who are traversing through a  devastated Japan in search of answers as  to what caused the unprecedented  disaster that occurred 15 years ago and  also to locate a place known as Heaven  which will be a source of their  salvation where will their journey lead  them and what is their link with the  children that are curious to see the  outside world

9. The Tale of Outcasts

The Tale of Outcasts

the tale of outcasts you know Wisteria is a lonely orphan girl whose  little life of solitude and has not once  in her life experienced happiness she  spends her days begging for scraps on  the streets hoping that her life turns  around one day and so it does when one  day she comes across an equally lonely  creature marbas who has spent centuries  in solitude with no one to call family  following his fated meeting a strong  bond of friendship develops between the  two with both of them having their fair  share of miseries and traumatic past is  it possible for two Souls so different  from each other to find happiness  together if yes then what prize must  they pay and will they actually find  Salvation

8. Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer

Beast tamer  can it be true Ryan shroud is what’s  called a Tamer possessing the ability to  gain assistance of animals around him  thanks to these Powers he’s scouted by a  party of vile adventurers however after  just six months Ryan is both humiliated  and kicked out for his incompetence in  combat situations  now does anyone know Ryan is no ordinary  Tamer for he possesses special powers  utilizing which he befriends Kennedy a  cat spirit and also what’s known as an  ultimate species characterized by their  incredible physical and magical prowess  following this contract’s initiation  Reign realizes his true potential as a  beast Tamer as both he and Kennedy set  out on a journey to find more such  companions a life full of Adventure  awaits them both  so you know if I really hit you you’d be  dead  consider this a warning

7. I have somehow gotten stronger

I have somehow gotten stronger

I have somehow gotten stronger when I  improve my farm skills  I Wayne’s greatest ambition in life is  to become the greatest farmer he  possibly can after years of drudgery I  finally achieves his dream and earns the  title of a first-rate cultivator however  alongside his farm-related title I also  gains a substantial boost to his overall  stats making him mightier than even the  Legendary Heroes of old  [Music]  foreign  by the royal family they enlist his help  against the rising number of disasters  that have started ravaging the Royal  Capital although highly reluctant and  inexperienced in battle I agrees to  assist the royal family in order to  protect the precious fields that he  spent his whole life growing but can he  alone keep all evil at Bay  [Applause]  [Music]  [Applause]  [Music]

6. My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life I gained a  second character class and became the  strongest Sage  [Music]  after dying of exhaustion in Japan’s  hostile corporate environment Yushi Sano  gets a second chance at life when he  gets reincarnated into the world of  fantasy despite wanting to lead an  eventless life Yuji realizes that he has  the title of a monster Tamer and heads  on a mission to tame several beasts this  allows him to gain a second profession  of a sage rewarding him with fantastic  magical powers  help us  quick  however despite having gained unrivaled  strength Yuji still refrains from going  all out but looming danger soon envelops  the world and he now has the  responsibility to do whatever it takes  to protect the world that he has come to  call home it’s time to put that second  character class to good use

5. Angels of Death

Angels of Death

angels of death  you don’t even get one second  leading a life full of misery Rachel  Gardner only has one wish to die not  having any idea where she is she wakes  up in a mysterious basement where she  comes across a bandaged murderer named  Zach the killer promises to end Rachel  that is if she assists him in escaping  this accursed building all I see is  despair  you got till the count of three go ahead  try to run away despite the initial  motivation things get more and more  Twisted as they encounter more enigmatic  people on every floor with them having  to encounter a boss on every boss floor  will they be able to find a way out of  this precarious situation and more  importantly why is Rachel there in the  first place so many questions so little  time  [Laughter]

4. Demon Army

Demon Army

I’m quitting heroing  despite  from the Despicable Demon Lord Leo demon  heart does not get the recognition he  deserves instead he’s seen with  suspicion by the very people he  protected feared for his unrivaled  strength and that’s to such an extent  he’s banished from the kingdom and  forced to wander around aimlessly with  no place to call home  that is until New circulates of the  Demon King’s Revival to exact his  revenge on the kingdom Leo heads to join  the demon Lord’s army however after  having joined him when he realizes the  Army is just the shell of its former  self joining hands with the top  commanders of this demon Army Leo heads  on a mission to whip the forces back  into fighting shape and get the Army  back on its feet once again

3. Beelzebub


Beelzebub Olga Tatsumi is a first year high school  student at the infamous delinquent  school ishiyama high whose life gets  turned upside down when he comes across  a strange man who reveals a baby boy to  him this boy biezelbub is son to the  demon king and Tatsumi alongside  bsobub’s demon maid Hilda a chosen as  its caretaker  [Music]  we’ve all got finding it impossible to  escape from his precarious situation he  attempts to raise Beelzebub and adjust  with the eccentric demon maid However  the fact that he’s surrounded by  Juvenile delinquents all the time makes  this task no way easy combine that with  vicious demons out for little Bill and  things can’t get any worse will the  strongest delinquent of ishiyama be able  to retain his sanity and ride through  this challenge  never ever

2. Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero

Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero

Mayo you arch enemy and hero  after traversing through desolate lands  in a gruesome Journey the hero finally  makes way back to the dark queen’s  castle to put an end to the Havoc caused  by demon kind all around the world  however instead of a fight the heroes  instead put forth a prospect by the  demon lady herself  as per the gorgeous demon Queen’s  narrative a sudden holding of the war  would lead Humanity who had joined  against the demons to fight amongst  themselves with similar situations for  demons as well the solution both the  Humanity’s hero and demon queen must  join hands and slowly put this war to a  close so that no party suffers any  consequences and thus births are very  unnatural Alliance

1. katanagatari


katanagatari kyotoyu is a legendary fencing school  that teaches its students how to use  their hands and legs as blades our main  protagonist shichika is also a wielder  of the kyotorial techniques who lives a  quiet life with his sister nanami  however the siblings peaceful life soon  comes to an end when the wildly  ambitious strategist tagami barges into  their house seeking shichika’s help on  her mission to collect the 12 legendary  swords for the shogunate captivated by  the girl’s amusing personality shichika  agrees and the two set out immediately  but let it be known for this is no  measly task on this Mission they must  face opponents who wield Legendary  Weapons as well as power hungry entities  who want to gane’s Mission to fail can  you prevail

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