3 Death Threats After Winning the Lottery; Don’t Waste the Money You Win: Jayapalan, who won the first prize in 2021

Jayapalan, a native of Maradu, said that if there is no proper planning, it doesn’t matter how big the lottery is. If donations and gifts are made in large quantities, then there is not even money to pay taxes later. Jayapalan told Timenow that he even received death threats demanding money.

This time the first prize of Rs 25 crore was won with the ticket TE 230662. The first winning lot was sold at Bava agency on Walayar Dam Road in Palakkad. Tickets were sold at the Bava agency on Walayar Dam Road in Palakkad. The lottery was sent to Palakkad by the Kozhikode agency. The ticket was bought by a native of Walayar.

Tickets for the second prize (Rs. 1 crore each for 20 people)

TH305041 TL894358 TK708749 TK781521 TK166207 TK398415 TK127095 TK320948 TK515087 TK410906 TK946082 TK421674 TK287627 TK220042 TK151097 TG 38179 5. 314711 MODEL NO.: TG496751 TB617215 TJ223848

A total of 66.5 lakh tickets were sold last year. This time it exceeded 75.7 Lakhs.The Palakkad district sold the most tickets.

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