32 Cars From The Insane Collection Of A Disgraced Youtuber Will Be Auctioned

Crime does not compensate this YouTuber, but collectors can benefit from the consequences of their crimes.

A collection of vehicles that belonged to car vlogger Omi in a Hellcat will be auctioned by U.S. marshals in Maryland later this month, according to Road & Track. Almost 60 cars and motorcycles are in the race, including several Lamborghinis and a Bentley.

In March, Bill Omar Carraquillo, the man behind the popular Omi on a Hellcat YouTube channel, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison and five years of supervised release for crimes related to a “comprehensive copyright infringement program that included cable TV piracy”.”According to the US Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Carraquillo was found guilty of several charges, including conspiracy, money laundering, tax evasion and making false statements to banks and law enforcement officials.

In addition to the arrest, he was ordered to pay $ 10.7 million to the affected cable companies, $ 5 million to the IRS and withhold more than $ 30 million he had earned from the program. The last part of the punishment is the reason why his collection of vehicles, many of which were the focus of the Imo in Hellcat videos, is now being sold by Apple Auctioneering Co.

The highlight of the predominantly white vehicle range is a quartet of Lamborghinis, including a Urus, two Huracans and an Aventador with a powerful Morphine Power Ranger livery (photos above), which were prominently featured on the YouTube channel. Other examples are a Bentley Continental GT, an Acura NSX and an Audi RS8 Quattro as well as three current Hellcats. A total of 32 cars, 18 motorcycles and seven off-road vehicles will be available during the auction.

The actual auction will take place on Friday, October 13th in Baltimore. Bids have been possible via the auctioneer’s website since Friday. After just three days, several vehicles are already guaranteed to be sold for six-figure sums, including the Aventador, which has attracted the most interest by far and has a highest bid of $ 310,000 so far.

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