5 Outfits for the upcoming autumn wedding

After the summer wedding season is over, we are now entering an equally busy one. The autumn wedding. This month is a month when many couples get married, an ideal time – if you want my opinion – when we, as guests, can experiment more with clothes. So if you are wondering what to wear to the upcoming autumn wedding to which you have been invited, I have the perfect suggestions for you.

Weddings in September, and even better in October, in my opinion, are ideal for stylistic experiments. It is very hot during the day and cool at night. Of course, it’s this “in-between” vibe that makes styling more challenging for some. What to wear if you are invited to an autumn wedding? Today I will help you to unravel this chapter.

What to consider when dressing for an autumn wedding

Such an occasion, now in the fall, may require a little more attention in terms of style, fabrics and colors that you are going to wear. At an autumn wedding, you can create more” complicated ” – that is, more interesting – ensembles with a richer color palette, using layers, but also materials that will give it a luxurious effect.

Therefore, when dressing for an autumn wedding, it is easier to indulge in long lengths, but also fabrics such as satin, which are perfect for the season. The color palette of the sets is enriched with earthy and neutral tones (black, white, gray), but also with the always elegant jewel tones, without this meaning that we cannot experiment with more fun colors. Jackets and layers are a dominant factor in our appearance, while long and airy trousers are becoming our preferred alternatives, especially when we want to combine comfort and elegance .

Based on all this, I have selected 5 outfits that I believe will be an inspiration for your appearance and that will help you decipher the outfit for an autumn wedding.

Trust the layering

Trust the layering

There is no better time to incorporate layers into your look. It is the perfect trick to wear your favorite summer dress or even a top to an autumn wedding. By adding a thin top or blouse under it, you will turn your favorite sundress into an autumn dress. However, make sure that each top layer you wear underneath matches the style of the dress, but also the occasion (that we usually wear something more formal).

Don’t be afraid of transparency

Don't be afraid of transparency

Yes, you can be bold with your autumn wedding look, and the dress trends of the season have the perfect candidate: transparent dresses. Transparency is always chic and can be as sexy as you want. You can choose a transparent dress with a more subtle pattern, while one that includes sequins or a shiny element will definitely make a statement. A jacket over this dress is a safe addition if you are interested in Demi, how sexy her outfit is. The jacket will bring her the perfect balance.

What to wear for an autumn wedding: stick to the classics

What to wear for an autumn wedding: stick to the classics

Satin is a fantastic fabric that, due to its shine, provides just the right level of formality that an occasion such as a wedding requires . It is also ideal for autumn, especially if you opt for a warm burgundy or glamorous gold satin outfit that will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

“Yes” to classic color combinations

"Yes" to classic color combinations

If you are not sure what to wear on such an occasion, rely on the classics. Whether classic wardrobe items such as a beautiful black trousers that can also be worn to a wedding, with a beautiful top or timeless color combinations such as black and white . With a black and white ensemble, you will always be fashionable and always stylish.

What to wear for an autumn wedding: wear the jacket

What to wear for an autumn wedding: wear the jacket

The jacket is a must-have for the autumn wardrobe and the perfect trench coat to wear over your dresses and anything else you want to wear to an autumn wedding. Give preference to one in a looser line so that it is not too tight and shows off, especially if you are wearing textured clothes under it.

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