5 types of exercise that are elixir of longevity

Numerous scientific studies link sedentary lifestyles to a number of health risks that directly threaten longevity. On the other hand, physically active people enjoy a number of advantages that shield both health and general physical and mental well-being. Even when it’s really hard for you to find motivation to get your life moving, remember: exercise really is to be an elixir of longevity: a way to live longer and more qualitatively.

Of course, the options for the way you choose to put exercise in your life are many and you can definitely find the one that suits you. We below present to you the types of fitness that according to experts, will help you live longer and better.


Run for your life. Indeed you should! A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that any amount of running reduces the risk of death from heart disease and all cancers. Running can boost blood circulation, help build strong bones, strengthen muscles and maintain a healthy weight, boosting longevity overall.


Walking is one of the safest and simplest strategies for improving fitness and health. Walking benefits the heart, reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer, among other diseases. As a result, it can definitely help you live longer.


You may have linked aerobic exercise to weight loss, but the benefits of this exercise don’t stop there. Some of the most important benefits of this exercise are enhancing cognitive function, controlling blood sugar levels and protecting heart health. According to research, regular aerobic exercise improves the quality of life and enhances mental health. All you need is a daily aerobic exercise program of 25-30 minutes.


Swimming deservedly earns a place among the types of gymnastics that you need to do if you want to live longer. Swimming activates the whole body, which makes it more flexible and strong, slowing down aging. Swimming also increases muscle strength, while improving cardiovascular fitness. It is also the ideal exercise for you who want to lose weight.

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Gymnastics elixir of longevity: cycling

According to a study published in the journal Sports Medicine, people who ride a bicycle enjoy longer and healthier lives. Cycling is a great way to reduce body fat and lose weight, but also to increase your fitness level overall. In fact, cycling can support the immune system’s defense against respiratory infections such as Covid19.

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