6 Best AI Photo Enhancer App for Android

Some apps are interesting for improving image quality using AI resources with features ranging from removing imperfections to completely restoring old photos, list of AI Photo Enhancer apps

Artificial intelligence to improve photos is present in several applications for Android and iPhone (iOS). Apps with this kind of technology can help users to improve the quality in various ways. For example, PhotoDirector AI can make improvements to various customizable animations, while Cutout Pro makes precise cuts to adjust the file size and remove unwanted elements. Remini is great for restoring old images with AI and leaving them in HD quality. Next, check out six apps to make your photos look even better.

Fotor app

1. Fotor

The Fotor AI photo editing app, available for both Android and iPhone systems, performs quick edits to perfect photos. The application is also integrated with artificial intelligence, which makes changes, collages, improvements, background removal, applying effects and filters, frames and other functions, among others. For example, the magic delete function allows users to remove entire backgrounds or unwanted elements. The app has a premium version that unlocks all available features, such as advanced editing tools that cost 18.32 R$ month or 219.90 R$ year.

AI PhotoDirector

2. AI PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector AI, available for Android and iPhone devices, differs by improving photos using AI animations with photos of animals, plants and other elements. Photos can also go through an improvement process to correct imperfections such as blur, completely remove objects and people, and apply custom backgrounds. The paid version of the app costs 30.90 R$ month and 99.90 R$ year and offers all the features of the tool, such as different backgrounds, cartoon creations, overlays, fonts and more than 500 filters.

Pic Wish

3. Pic Wish

Pic Wish, which is available for Android and iPhone devices, allows users to quickly enhance their photos. Removing backgrounds and blurring, intensifying photos, applying shadows and retouching are among the tools available in the app. Other editing functions generate images from descriptive texts and remove unwanted elements in videos. The app has a premium version with prices of R$ 23.90 and R$ 38.90, which has unlimited all the features, such as exporting files in HD and batch editing photos.

Youni app

4. Youni

The youni app, available exclusively for iPhone devices, allows users to enhance their photos in a simplified way. Images can be retouched automatically or manually. In addition, it is possible to add effects, generate avatars, adjust the size of the eyes and nose, as well as increase the brightness and sharpness of photos using the artificial intelligence present in the tool. The paid version of Youni, which costs R$ 76.90 per quarter, also offers features such as hair coloring, makeup application and custom filters.

Cutout Pro app

5. Cutout Pro

The Cutout Pro app, available for Android devices, is free and helps you to enhance photos by cropping. The application, which works with artificial intelligence, allows Android users to remove the background of a photo and insert a new one from the available options. Cuts can be performed automatically or manually and are used to remove unwanted people, plants, animals or places that appear in the catch. Other features available in the tool are the application of blur effects for blurring, special effects and image templates.

Remini app

6. Remini

Remini, which in turn is available for Android and iPhone devices, improves photos in several ways. In addition to increasing their quality, it is able to restore old and blurred images. The app’s artificial intelligence can also remove blur, leave HD quality photos, increase sharpness and create user avatars. The app has a paid version with weekly prices ranging from 15.99 R$ to 50.99 R$ and allows features for face beautification, application of colors and enhancement of videos and photo backgrounds.

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