A new controversy surrounds Carmen Sevilla three months after her death: what happens to her ashes

On June 27, one of the most beloved faces of Spain passed away. 105 Days later, part of her ashes remain in the Pozuelo de Alarcon Funeral Home, where she was cremated.

Carmen Seville’s ashes remain in the Funeral home of Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid), where she was cremated. The remembered actress and presenter, who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease since 2009 and had been living in a nursing home since 2015, died on June 27 at the Fundacion Jimenez D Elimaz hospital in Madrid. There were many familiar faces who said goodbye to the artist, but they did it through social networks , since Augusto Alguero, the only son of Carmen Sevilla, organized an intimate farewell to his mother.

Something that caused a lot of criticism. At this moment, all of us who will enter are very few, only and exclusively direct family members with blood ties to my mother, with the exception of two people who have taken care of my mother in recent years Angelines and Alejandra , who have lived with my mother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years, taking care of her and protecting her, Alguero said on his arrival at the funeral home last June.

Three months after the death of Carmen Sevilla, ABC reveals that the artist’s ashes remain in this funeral home . While the artist’s son refused to confirm or deny the news to the media, the funeral home confirms that the actress’s ashes are there. Yes, it is there and can be picked up at any time, either by your child, who has signed all the permits to carry out the operation, or by anyone who has your permit with a photocopy of your ID. , the aforementioned media reports.

But, apparently, not all the ashes would have been there, since Elena, one of Carmen Seville’s nieces, would have collected some of them . According to Vanitatis, she and her sister Carmen collected some of her aunt’s ashes some time ago. The daughters of Pepe García Galisteo, the artist’s brother, asked their cousin Augusto for a reliquary with some of this ashes so that they could take it to their home in Malaga so that the brothers’ ashes could stay together. And he accepted. However, when they offered to collect all the ashes, he told them no.

Elena admitted that she hardly has a relationship with her cousin and does not think that he will attend the mass that they organized in memory of her aunt at the church of San Francisco de Borja in Madrid. She also reveals that the last wishes of the artist, whose wish was to be cremated, have not yet been fulfilled and that part of her remains were scattered in Marbella and the others rested next to those of her parents in Seville, where they are buried.

A new controversy surrounds Carmen Sevilla three months after her death: what happens to her ashes

Rappel talks about the ashes of Carmen Sevilla

The psychic abseiler, a great friend of Carmen Sevilla, after knowing this news, has declared that he is ready to collect the artist’s ashes and even put them in his house, where a chapel is activated. According to José Manuel Parada, Rappel would have been the first to contact Augusto Alguero. Your son Augusto has confirmed to my friend Rappel that you have her. And it was published that they have still been left at the funeral home since their cremation more than 100 days ago, the employee wrote on his networks. Something that is denied by the other part of the family, which guarantees that the ashes are still in the funeral home.

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