After A Controversial Breakup, Mel Maia Likes To Be Single Abroad. Discover Everything!

Newly single, Mel Maia packed her bags and enjoyed her vacation abroad after the end of Vai na F7 on TV Globo. The actress even commented that she was saturated with Brazil, so she decided to spend a week abroad.

At the age of 19, she made her first international trip on her own, and the chosen destination was Portugal. He embarked last Wednesday, September 27, and is scheduled to return to Brazil tomorrow, October 7.

MC Daniel’s ex has proven that she knows how to enjoy the single life like no other, but she can also enjoy moments of rest and relaxation. Keep up to date with everything that happened on the actress’s trip:


The eternal guiga did not waste time and threw himself into the Portuguese clubs. She easily took care of her toned appearance and kept the evenings with her friends.

I love you, young friends of Portugal! I’m out there, come and talk to me, if you see me, I will walk a lot in random places, she encouraged.

International recognition

Even an ocean away, the actress said that she was recognized by the Portuguese on the street and was shocked when they realized that they knew her work.

I thought that it would be good here in Portugal, but people recognize me a lot. The Portuguese recognize me a lot. It’s as if I left Brazil and two came to Brazil. “Really crazy, guys, people really know me here,” Mel said.

A note to the ex

During a pool party, the celebrity dared with her look and sent MC Daniel a tip. She was wearing a T-shirt with the phrase: My ex is my biggest fan in English and upset the funk singer, who even stopped following the actress on social networks.

With the effects of the attitude, Mel made sure that he was not shaken and not only did not share the ‘Do not follow’ back, but also shared videos enjoying another Portuguese ballad. In the records, she seems to be drinking a shot of tequila with her friends.

A new hobby

One of Mel’s discoveries during her trips to Portugal was the hobby of a new rich woman, as she affectionately called him. Travel to other countries and make a lot of purchases. Buy a lot of things for me. I love to pamper myself. Sometimes people say ‘Oh, I wish someone would pamper me’, but what if you pamper yourself? ‘It’s really good, I love to give myself gifts, to make myself happy,’ she said in stories.


This Friday, October 6, the actress shocked her followers with a stunning photo showing her body in a swimsuit in the colors of Brazil. She opened up and said that she misses the country: Tomorrow I will be back in Brazil and I promise to be here more. I miss my little house, my friends and my family. And the beach, he confessed.

After A Controversial Breakup, Mel Maia Likes To Be Single Abroad. Discover Everything!

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