After Ludmilla, Brunna Goncalves Wins The Position At The Hummingbird Parade

Lucas Souza has become one of the main targets of the headquarters since joining a farm 15 on record TV, especially if we refer to the Crias group, which achieved the first formation of RO Elima and received 16 votes in the ex-military. who was in the spotlight, but returned with Rachel Sheherazade .

Not only is he at the center of the votes, but he is also heavily criticized by most pedestrians, who even talk about attitudes and suspicions that they don’t like him, and OFuxico intends to enlighten in this text what may have made the influencer the main target of the program.

jojo’s ex

There is a lot of talk in the program about the fact that Lucas joined because he is Jojo Todynho’s ex-husband and that without this he would not have been invited to the program and is singled out by Cari Elimcha as a careerist, that is, because he allegedly took advantage of the radio singer’s career.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of talk about the fact that the two had a bad fight after the announcement of their divorce, so it is possible that many peasants and peasants bought the singer’s pain and are allegedly going against someone “whom she does not want to see far in the game.” .

It can also be assumed that by winning the 12th edition, while they were together, he would have figured out their strategies, and if they had unofficially talked about the attraction, she would even have given him a tip, which would give an advantage in the perception of others.


A fact criticized by the participants is that Lucas Souza isolated himself from everything and everyone during the first week of the program, and Cari Elimcha confirmed this fact and the previous point when he talked about going to ro2 : if he [Lucas] goes to ro2, he goes, no one likes him, because it seems that he used someone to become famous. And here he does not do shit, he does not interact, he always isolates himself.

He does not spend time with anyone, he is always alone. Radam9s, who interacts with everyone, said he tried and it didn’t work with Lucas, it’s not even ours, it’s his. If he leaves, he will not come back, said Nathalia, who was eliminated in a row against him and Rachel.

Training and trainers

In the rating of Cari9cha, Lucas Souza entered the rural reality show, ready to be a copy of another reality participant . He claimed that Jojo Todynho’s ex-husband hired a team to follow in the same footsteps as BBB 22 champion Arthur Aguiar.

We’re from the same consulting firm, so I know things. He checked everyone’s life, profile, personality and sign of everyone. And what is their role? To be the new Arthur Aguiar, she said. And she emphasized that the retired soldier wants to make himself a victim: he hired someone who teaches strategy. That’s what he wants to be: a victim. What did Arthur do? He was isolated. He does the same thing.

Radam9s is the pawn most focused on demystifying the character he believes Lucas created for the game. The player, in a conversation with Alicia X and Laranjinha, suggested training Lucas before entering the reality show, pointing out that the actions of the influencer will be staged. He is a very knowledgeable guy about the program. He studied here.

Alicia agreed: I made a video (in the warehouse) and said exactly that. The only dynamic I saw him speaking didn’t look like he was speaking. Radam9 joined his thoughts: Came well prepared for some things, you know? Even in clothes. He’s a guy who didn’t open up and wouldn’t let us get too close.

Theory about sexuality

Cari intramuscha has already threatened Lucas Souza several times as part of a farm 15. Having met the influencer before entering the detention, the artist considered it a good idea to bring some information from the outside during the numerous fights between the two . Internet users do not waste time and have already noticed the information that Cari Elimcha wants to reveal about his opponent. Many point out that it has something to do with the boy’s sexuality.

Finally, someone can take action against this psychological terrorism that this woman is doing to poor Lucas. If he’s gay, bi, leave him! said one. No one deserves to be exposed like that. And worst of all, it’s not even sure that it’s him! WHAT IF IT IS SO? What’s going on! Terrible to look at, the farm should be entertainment. Cari Extratercha is pure evil! another detonated.

Moreover, actions with homophobic content dominated the morning, and in the midst of quarrels and quarrels, Yuri mockingly imitated Lucas’s mannerisms, calling him various homophobic insults. Away from Lucas, Yuri called him a jerk and was immediately criticized by Tonz Elimo and WL: what is it? Not so, right! pedestrians said.

Kally did not like the lines that were said in relation to Lucas and, talking to André7 and Rachel, did not have words to describe what had happened the night before: Laranjinha called him cool. Very homophobic, your words. Homophobic!”.

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