After the tram with the colors of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the people at the Sarthe show a lot of imagination

The eight compositions of the Le Mans tram in the colors of the 24-hour anniversary were so popular that the capacity will be expanded at least until the end of the year. After that ? The Sarthois have ideas for setting up their department in the city’s trams.

The Sarthois liked the eight electric trains in the colors of the 24 Hours of Le Mans so much that the rush will last at least until the end of the year, the director of Setram announced on Wednesday in France Bleu Maine. But then ? The inhabitants of the department are full of ideas to show the heritage of the Sarthe in the trams: celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Le Mans Sarthe Basket, the Chimeras or even the Rillettes and all the other events that take place especially on the Bugatti circuit . There are more than 200 comments on this topic on the Facebook page of France Bleu Maine:

Pots with rillettes for garnishing the tram

” All that’s missing is the pot with the rillettes and the dumplings,” Anne-Cécile responds. The idea of decorating the trains with the main sights of the city is also gaining support. Thus, “Crotus Premier” offers the Chimères, the abbey of Epau, the Gallo-Roman enclosure to promote the city. ” It’s thirty years of MSB, which has won several titles, ” adds Jean. “ The club is a credit to the city and deserves a little nod from Setram !”In Toulouse, the trams won the colors of the French XV for the Rugby World Cup .

Entrusting it to an artist, as in Montpellier?

But there are not only rillettes in life… Maxime therefore proposes to follow the example of Montpellier, ” the first city in France whose trams were designed by Christian Lacroix , which could give good ideas to Le Mans “. Photographic evidence:

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