Aias Manthopoulos: The actor is in intensive care. The first information about your health

Well-known actor Aias Manthopoulos was taken to the hospital after feeling very unwell, according to reports on the Internet. After the announcement, Aias Manthopoulos is in the intensive care unit of an Athens hospital. The news that Aias Manthopoulos is being admitted to a public hospital was confirmed by his partner, who spoke at the ANT1 breakfast and shared the first details about his state of health.

Although Aias Manthopoulos had no known health problems, on Monday evening, October 9, and while he was at his house in the Paiana area, he was not feeling well and his people took him to the hospital.

His partner of the last 7 years, Elisavet Stamopoulou, spoke about the actor’s state of health at the ANT1 breakfast. According to him, Aias Manthopoulos suffered a stroke and his condition is stable and good.

Aias Manthopoulos was once a popular TV personality of the 00s, he captivated the television audience with his role in the series Two Strangers. However, in recent years, in addition to acting, the last time we saw in the series of Manousos Manousakis, the Red River, in 2020, he worked in the tourism sector in Romania.

As part of his television interview in 2022, the actor revealed the story behind the saying Bre AIA, which the character of Konstantinos Markoras, played by Nikos Sergianopoulos in the series Two strangers, told him. At the same time, he spoke about the death of the actor, who was murdered in his apartment in Pagrati in 2008, noting that it is a loss that always upsets him.

It was a tragedy and it cost us. we were very close friends with Nikos, we were together at KTHBE. Nikos did the veraia alone, because sometimes I was a little late, he told me to watch Aia, watch Aia, we would play with each other and he would save it and that’s why he would put it in the queue.

When I heard about his murder, I ran to the studio where Alexandros Rigas was filming. We all gathered there and got excited. ‘I am still terribly troubled by this story, his death was so unjust,’ he had characteristically said.

In 2022, on the occasion of the death of Irene Pappa, she gave additional interviews, since the great actress was her aunt.

I lost my aunt, but I think she was a person who represented the whole of Greece. Only from the comments I read on social media, I have no words to say. In other words, I just understand what people write that the Greek people really loved her very much because of her talent, beauty and political positions. He was a man who did not lie , he was an angel on earth and now he has gone to meet others, he said in one of these television interviews on ERT’s Studio 4 program.

Aias Manthopoulos had 3 children, while in the past he had dealt with the news with the legal dispute with his ex-wife, which, as he had said on the show Super Katerina, has now ended.

There were some personal problems that needed to be solved. They were solved, thank God. I think I am in a different maturation period, after several problems that have happened in my personal life. This is a legal dispute that has been going on for years.

I was avenged. There are some problems that, of course, are never completely solved among people, but they are everywhere. “I am very proud of my three children, they all study and follow their talents,” he said characteristically.

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