Aitana breaks down and starts crying in the middle of the concert

Aitana is not afraid to share her most sincere side with her fans, and this was demonstrated recently when she collapsed on the floor of the stage in the middle of the show and began to cry while thinking deeply.

This happened in Malaga, Spain, as part of his alpha tour, which brought him success but also criticism, especially for his suggestive way of dancing.

During this show, Aitana was moved to tears and talked about changes in life.

I just want to tell you that if someone is going through a bad moment or a moment of change, in the end he, like me, will realize that there is still a lot to live, she said Deeply moved. Every change is an experience and even if we don’t know how to see it, it will always be for the better.

This is happening after his controversial moves have caused a flurry of criticism, especially considering that he has a large fan base of minors.

To say that there is a more rebellious and provocative Aitana in this album is the simple headline, he told Europa Press before the scandal. I’ll be honest with you, and I think it’s clickbait, but it’s true that there is a more mature aitana on this album.

Ultimately, I have a youthful and young audience that I want to continue to have, but there are many people who tell me that I want to change my audience and no, that’s not true. Do you know how hard it is to have children as fans? he warned.

Of course, I want to have these children and let them grow up with my music, and if another audience wants to come, then it will also be well received, but I don’t feel the need to attract another audience. At my shows I see the families and it’s really cool to have this family audience and I love it.

Aitana breaks down and starts crying in the middle of the concert

According to Socialit, network expert Jos Noblejas warned that Aitana is rapidly losing followers. About 400 per day.

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