Aitana does not hide and reacts vigorously to criticism of her sexy choreographies

As with Miley Cyrus, the singer has undergone a transformation, which is reflected in her new album and tour. Many parents did not like the new tone of their dances, and Sebastian Yatra’s girlfriend sends them a message.

Aitana responds to criticism of sexy choreography on her new tour The singer has already turned 24 years old, and although a large part of her audience consists of teenagers and even children, she has the right to give her career the direction she wants. It has already happened to Madonna or Miley Cyrus that she also had a lot of fun when ‘haters’ criticized her for leaving aside the image of Hannah Montana and putting on ultra-short shorts. In the case of Aitana, it was a very sensual choreography that put an army of haters and dissatisfied parents on the warpath. While Patricia Pardo did not like her dances, Juan del Val came to her defense.

At the nominee dinner of the ‘ LOS40 Music Awards Santander 2023 ‘, held in Madrid on October 17, Aitana, who became known in the ‘operaci Elimn Triunfo 2017’, did not avoid questions about the controversy that tries to minimize the meaning: it is a controversy that should not have existed and the social reaction that occurred seemed interesting to me because it shows a little what society is like today, but it scares me a little, were her words when asked about it has been.

Aitana, who has stood out with her Andreadamo brand look, says that she felt very supported , which fills her with satisfaction: I really liked that a lot of people came out to defend me, to support me, but what happens is that everything is said on its own, regarding the future of the story.

Aitana does not hide and reacts vigorously to criticism of her sexy choreographies

Aitana does not feel responsible for raising other people’s children

In Aitana’s words there was an allusion to her development, to her birthday: I am very happy, in the end my fans listen to all my concerts, my music. And they follow me on the way. I’m growing up. And when it came to parents who criticized her choreography, she was conciliatory, but also irreconcilable: I can’t tell a parent how to raise a child. I’m not a mother, what I’m going to say, I can not say.

Her boyfriend Sebastian Yatra was less talkative about a possible marriage: I laugh, it even makes me laugh. The couple spent a few days together under the Miami sun, as ten minutes showed.

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