Aitana Follows One Of The Most Controversial Trends Of Autumn: To Wear Mary Jane Shoes With Socks

The development of Aitana’s style was accentuated with the beginning of his new musical stage after the release of his album Alpha. She brought her sexy side with the outfits from the music video for the song Miamor with Rels B, she also opted for a full-body suit in the purest Motomami style and took risks with the most extreme shoes sweeping this season. This time she surprised us by posing in a car with an explosive combination.

This fall, there are two opposite extremes when it comes to shoes: on the one hand, we find the most extravagant boots that celebrities have fallen in love with, but we can also get the most comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats and Mary Janes.

Aitana decided to merge these two options in her latest look and wore a pair of Mary Jane with an XL platform. On top of that, she has combined them with one of the most controversial trends that other celebrities like Rosal Elimia love: she has added white stockings with lace.

Without straying too far from the Y2K aesthetic, Aitana chose a fitted T-shirt, a black miniskirt and a silver chain with a small heart. The infinite leg effect that the singer has achieved is the result of the combination of a miniskirt and platform shoes, which help our silhouette look more stylized and visually increase it by a few centimeters.

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