Aitana responds to criticism for her sexy dances

Since the beginning of her alpha tour in Spain, Aitana has had divided opinions due to the choreography she sometimes shows.

For some, sensual dances are sharp and not suitable for children. While many others applaud her and justify the woman in her decision to show herself the way she wants to show herself.

It was during her time at an event on the Los Forty Principales network that Sebasti7n Yatra’s girlfriend finally responded to the controversy generated on networks and social media

I’m a little surprised, but very good, said the singer.

This is a controversy that, in my opinion, should not have existed. I think the social reaction that occurred seemed very interesting to me, because it shows a bit… what is the current society like.

Aitana responds to criticism for her sexy dances

He continued: ‘It scares me a bit, but I also like that a lot of people have come to defend and support me because it’s just a story, it’s pretty obvious.

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