Alejandra Osborne Distances Herself From The Recent Controversy Surrounding Her Father Bert Osborne

Alejandra Osborne has reacted to the recent controversy surrounding her father Bert Osborne and the son he is expecting with Gabriela Guill Osborne . Since the pregnancy of the masseuse became known, many rumors have appeared around the news. Pregnancy is real. It’s not intentional, but it’s accidents that happen in a relationship .

‘I will take responsibility for the baby,’ the presenter said in July, after learning that he would become a father again at the age of 69. He also revealed that he and Gabriela were not together, although she still loves him . He is the father of my child. How could I not love him when he has given me the most wonderful thing that he is my son? Said the Paraguayan in ‘and now Sonsoles’.

Her daughters have also expressed how this debate affects them. The presenter will again be a father and grandfather at the same time, since his little daughter Claudia is pregnant with his second child. I wish that everything goes well.

I want everyone to be happy and everything to be done so that we are all well, Eugenia Osborne said last September. Now it is the eldest daughter of the singer who reacted . When asked about the possibility of her father undergoing paternity tests, she avoids answering, makes a serious face, looks incredulous and closes the car door without making a statement, as you will see in the video above. .

Journalist Paloma Garcia Elima Pelayo assures that Bert Elimn will undergo paternity tests: Bert Avern Osborne has made a decision, he wants to take a paternity test. It is a matter of family logic, because he owes it to his family, his children, Fabiola, his sisters… for your whole family.

He is determined, he will wait for the birth of the baby. The person who spoke was Gabriela Guill7n, who exploded on her social networks, highlighting that she has been in a relationship with Bert1n for a long time.

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