Alejandra Rubio Recalls The Worst Moment She Lived In The House Of Her Mother, Terelu Campos

Alejandra Rubio brings her grain of sand in the fight against breast cancer and recalls the worst moment her family has experienced due to this disease suffered by her mother Terelu Campos . This Friday, October 6, Mar Elimia’s granddaughter Teresa Campos, together with Jean Louis David, presented a bracelet-hair tie, which will be offered for sale in the salons of this company, the profits of which will go to research on the prevention and treatment of cancer. Breast cancer through Geicam, an association that funds studies on this disease.

Alejandra Rubio is clear why she is working together to make visible the fight against breast cancer, whose World Day is celebrated on October 19. It touches me very much and I am very happy to be able to contribute to this cause. At home, I experienced this disease, which is very difficult and in which I am very conscious. I learned firsthand that her mother had breast cancer twice in 2012 and 2018. it is very important to make people contribute to research and have more resources, and they recognize that there is a lack of resources for the prevention and research of this disease.

Alejandra Rubio did not want to confirm whether her mother and aunt Carmen Borrego made a necklace with part of her grandmother’s ashes . I don’t know if they reacted to this message, but I’m not. I haven’t been there for a while and I won’t say anything about it. ‘I’m allergic to steel,’ the young woman said during her speech.

Alejandra Rubio Recalls The Worst Moment She Lived In The House Of Her Mother, Terelu Campos

Alejandra Rubio also talked about her acting lessons, which she is very much looking forward to. I’m in my final year of my career and at the top of my game, I’m happy. I really want to start and do what I really like. When the young woman is asked if she would quit her job on TELEVISION to act, she is not so clear: what question, well, I don’t know, I can’t answer them, because in life they never know that I am an actress and if there is work, I will do it. The young woman assures that despite the tsunami caused by Moustache Arrocet’s exclusive interview with ten minutes, she is doing well and calm.

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