Almudena Cid Reveals Whether She Forgave Christian G7lvez With A Hard Confession

The interview that Almudena Cid conducted in the program ‘El Novato’ by Joaquin S7nchez was a roller coaster of emotions, and she remembered very beautiful and funny moments , but in the most difficult she completely broke down .

Especially when he talked about his relationship with Christian G7lvez . Their marriage, which lasted more than a decade, ended in 2021, and it wasn’t long before the news already connected her with its presenter Patricia Pardo .

Both boasted about their relationship, and within a year they got married and are even expecting a child … Meanwhile, Almudena continued to assemble the parts of her heart.

This almudena crushed, and now that time has passed, he can allow himself to talk about it in a cooler way: have you come to forgive Christian G7lvez? Joaquin asked him directly. Yes, she answered after a short pause. But because it has nothing to do with him. It’s about forgiving me, accepting me . It has nothing to do with the other person, it’s all about me, about how I understood life after gymnastics, she said.

In addition, she also talked about her desire to become a mother, but she was grateful that she did not have a child with Christian G7lvez, and she is not considering it now with her new boyfriend Gerardo Berodia : wait, it’s very soon. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

what you have to do in life, but I’ve always kept that in mind. Yes, I am grateful that I was not a mother. Before that, they always pointed out to me, it’s something personal, and I always had to give explanations . I have been through a traumatic process , grieving, I still need to be emotionally healthy.

The courtship of Christian and Almudena began just before she retired from rhythmic gymnastics , and it was a ‘strange’ time when she continued to understand life and also their relationship, almost as if it were a competition , and he made a hard confession about it: there is a little story that talks about the difference between sacrifice and effort, which are not the same thing.

When you sacrifice yourself, something of your essence comes out. If you make an effort, no. If you make an effort, you are aware of it. “In sports, I made sacrifices, and I also understood that if I made sacrifices, I would achieve things in a relationship,” he said.

In addition, he made it clear that he did not expect to recover from this separation, and yet everything has changed a lot in his life: we were together for 15 years. I had to do important work because it was so bad .

When suddenly something comes that you didn’t expect because I didn’t see it coming, I felt like my whole life was gone. If you are a gymnast, you realize that in life, if an injury happens to you, you can do something to recover. When my life as a couple stopped, it destroyed me, but I saw that there was a mechanism that allowed me to act. Gymnastics saved it, he added.

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