Amaia Montero reappears on her social networks after her admission surprised and very well accompanied

Amaia Montero has shared her most anticipated image: a photo in which she appears smiling, relaxed and very well accompanied. The singer, who has been very worried about family, friends and followers with her mental health problems, has not posted anything on her social networks for some time.

It was almost a year ago, in October 2022, when the artist uploaded a photo to her networks in which she looked very discouraged , accompanied by a striking message: “If hope is the last thing that dies and I still have not lost it, what is the use of life for me?”. After a series of publications of this kind, close people asked for respect, because they were experiencing “a delicate moment” that required the admission of Amaia to the clinic of the University of Navarra.

Last Tuesday, September 26, the singer surprised her followers with a story on Instagram in which she looks much better and, above all, smiles. But she does not perform alone, she does it together with Xabi San Martin, keyboardist and composer of ‘La Oreja De Van Gogh’, with whom she has experienced great professional successes.

The photo is a selfie in which Amaia and Xabi hug each other while looking into the camera. In addition, the singer accompanied the photo with a fragment of the song ‘La playa’, one of the band’s biggest hits, when she was the lead singer of the group before starting a solo career and being replaced by singer Leire Martinez

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Last August, the artist shared a picture in her stories with her sister Idoia, who was her great pillar during this period. In the picture, both appear smiling, wearing glasses, a hat and summer clothes. These latest releases from Amaia are the best proof that the artist is overcoming after a very delicate time . The singer had planned to have a new album released in early 2023, but took a break from her music career to focus on what was a priority at that time: recovery.

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