An event endangers workers in episodes 12 to 15 of this week in ‘La Moderna’

Last week , in chapters 5 to 11 of La Moderna, Matilde met her arrival in the galleries, the only man who was able to steal her heart when they were teenagers. In chapters 12 to 15 of this week’s La Moderna, Marta continues to steal for her uncle, while Balb7 tries to convince Don Jaime of a change of business that does not convince him. The man does not plan to give up the owner of the famous galleries and uses Carla in his favor. On the other hand, Pablo tries to be accepted by Raimundo and Emilio, although his mother asks him not to approach them.

In time, he remembers some moments he experienced during the war and how, returning in search of Carla’s love, he discovered that she had married his friend and boss Don Jaime. In addition, the riddle of the attack committed by Don Jaime is about to be solved.

On the other hand, La Moderna notices Marta’s thefts, much to the chagrin of Teresa, who does not know how to protect the girl. Heartbreak that Trini will take differently, as she is lovingly interested in her partner Chaofensete.

Esperanza and Ellie are trying to exhaust their last ways so that Pietro invites them to the party

Days later, a media report about La Moderna leaves its workers more excited than usual. They are afraid that criticism of the galleries may affect their work in one way or another. All the more so if we add that Teresa is gradually realizing that money is missing.

On the other hand, both Esperanza and Elymas, the two free verses of the tearoom, are trying to exhaust their last ways so that Pietro invites them to the party he is preparing for the arrival of his son. In the meantime, Matilda’s only goal is to make sure that both she and her companions get a place where they can change clothes and rest with dignity.

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