Ana Mar Zheja Aldon is thinking of leaving TV: her daughter Gema is the main reason

Ana Mar@Ald0n was very enthusiastic at the ‘Fiesta’ this afternoon. The television collaborator first explained the reason why she sells parts of her wardrobe on the Internet and is nothing more than looking for other sources of income. Although the designer is very comfortable with Emma García’s show, there is a compelling reason why Josué Ortega Cano’s ex-wife wants to leave television and it is none other than her daughter Gema Ald7. The relationship between them has not been very fluid in recent months and although she wanted to hide it, it was broken this Saturday.

In a broken voice, Ana Marofensia confirmed: ” When the people in her family come into play, she thinks about what she can do to put everything back in order. And Anna Marylia’s engagement announcement to Eladius seemed to be overshadowed by the words of her daughter Gemma Aldea, who confessed that she did not agree with her mother’s decision.

Ana Mar @a went into detail and revealed the various reasons that would have prompted her to make the difficult decision, and the main one is that she does not want the problems she has with her daughter Gema to be solved on a TV set . She does not want to spend her life responding to the words that her daughter says and her daughter reacts to them.

“I don’t think it’s the right way between a bond like that of a mother and a daughter, ” added Ana Mar Elimia, sending a reconciling message to her first-born daughter, making it clear that she will always be there when she needs her, because she is a mother and that will never happen. it will change.

Ana Mar Zheja Aldon is thinking of leaving TV: her daughter Gema is the main reason

Eladio, your biggest support

On the other hand, the collaborator explained that Eladio, her partner, supports her at all times: “He tells me that I can do what I want, that I am very qualified. I am now in a project where I am creating my own website and doing “everything based on effort and sacrifice”.”In addition, she explained that Eladio encourages and supports her in everything she does and that he sees in her qualities that she may not have seen or put aside. But she feels safe thanks to this new partner after her stormy divorce from Joshua Ortega Cano .

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