Ana Paula Renault Discovers Another Betrayal Of Her Married Ex-Boyfriend: ‘He Went To Have Sex With His Lover’

Ana Paula Renault discovered another betrayal of her ex-boyfriend, who was married. The former BBB reported on social networks last Thursday evening, the 6th, that she learned that Saul Luchterberg was not only married, but also had a lover. The presenter ended the relationship last Monday, 2, after discovering that her boyfriend at the time was married.

Renaul says he received a printout of a conversation between Saul and a girl that proves the betrayal. He met this other victim at a game when he was with me. They spent the night together, he appeared in their stories. He continued to deceive both of us. He went to his lover’s house to have sex with another lover. “She told me and showed me her fingerprints,” he said.

That is, he had a wife, I had a girlfriend and another lover. He was a dangerous and very promiscuous guy, he said.

Last Wednesday, day 4, the ex-BBB showed fingerprints that she had received from a girl, which said that last Saturday, when he and Ana Paula were still together, Saul had stayed with a friend of this girl at a bar in S. Psorio Paulo .

In addition, they sent me evidence that Belo is married. Not the handsome guy, guys. That’s the problem, women give opportunities to ugly men. He didn’t do anything good on Saturday. Let’s expose these villains. And besides, when I talk to my lawyers, mental fraud is a crime. A man who is married and lies to you is committing a crime, the former BBB said.

In the print published by Ana Paula in Stories, a girl says that she is friends with another who kissed Saul at the bar on Saturday. I’m friends with the girl who kissed him. She sent him a DM and acknowledged it from her printout. She does not want to expose him precisely because she is afraid of such exposure in the media, the message says.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Ana told Paula how she discovered the betrayal. I found out he was married on Monday when he sent me the picture with the kids and the ring in his hand. Then he called me afterwards, and I never answered again. In the comments (about Saul’s fake profile ) it seems that last Saturday, when I was in Muria, he was in a bar and picked up one of the girls. But they don’t want to talk too much, so as not to expose the girl, who also didn’t know that he was married, he said.

The former BBB revealed an impression in which a woman claims that her friend met with Saul at the bar last Saturday. In the message, the girl says: What about my friend, whom you picked up at Dalva’s bar last Saturday, my angel? Take your BO.

When Ana reported to Paula what had happened, she criticized her ex-boyfriend: in short: he has a problem. He is a sociopath, a narcissist. He was not only married and had a girlfriend, but also went out into the street to look for women. (…) I went to find opportunities for ugly, well done. He deceives everyone who comes close to him. I am afraid for my health and also for the health of his wife.

The former BBB announced on social networks last Monday, 2, that she found out that her then boyfriend is married.

I found out that my boyfriend has a wife. Yes, it’s true. My boyfriend is married and I found out about it a few days ago. I decided to come and explain my situation to them after talking a lot with my friends and accidentally seeing how a friend of mine was suffering because of betrayal . “I could see how much it hurts, how much it destroys a married woman when she finds out that her husband has a lover,” she said in a video on Instagram.

The presenter claimed to have been surprised. I was also deceived. I’m not married to him, but we’ve been dating intensely. I thought he was free and unhindered and he was just with me, but that was not the case.

Saulo Luchterberg is 42 years old, born in Rio Grande do Sul, lives in Porto Alegre, but is professionally in São Paulo. He works as an engineering technician in a consulting and training company.

According to the former BBB, Saul traveled to Porto Alegre to visit his two sons and send him pictures of the children, but without his wife. He lives a farce with his family in Porto Alegre. He was there now for his son’s sixth birthday. I even bought him a gift, Ana Paula reported.

The journalist showed impressions of conversations with Luchtemberg, in which he questioned the presence of a ring on his finger and he admitted that he hoped to complete the separation in the coming months.

In the video posted on her Instagram, Ana Paula said that the two experienced very intense and very passionate moments.

I met with all my friends in S7O Paulo. He went home with me as my boyfriend to a friend of mine. He went to the city with me, but his happiness is that I am averse to social media. I like to use it for something bigger. He might have felt comfortable [with that and thought], ‘She’s not going to make stories, she’s not going to take a picture, she’s not going to want to publish it,’ she said, adding that she even asked a photographer not to take pictures of the two together at the festival.

According to Ana Paula, her boyfriend had told her that he had been divorced for about two years and that their marriage was starting to break up because he had traveled a lot for work.

I was living a farce. He lives a farce with his family in Porto Alegre. He was there now for his son’s sixth birthday, I even bought a gift for his son so that you can get an idea of how much I was deceived .

The former BBB also said that she and her boyfriend practically lived together. He slept in my house every day. In the months that we lived together, I think that on one side we can count the days when he did not sleep here. “He always said he missed his children so much, he would go there on Father’s Day and I would also visit my father,” he said.

During the August trip, Ana Paula’s boyfriend constantly sent her photos. [He] fed this farce and fed me something that didn’t exist because I was living the lie, just like his family is also living the lie. The problem and the question is: why do these men feel so comfortable doing such a thing for us women?, concluded.

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