Ana Rosa Quintana gets big surprise in ‘TardeAR’

The presenter received a surprise live before he finished the program this Tuesday, October 17, and was very excited.

Ana Rosa Quintana received a surprise live before she finished the program this Tuesday, October 17th. Although the presenter is having difficulty getting used to the afternoons, he is really enjoying this new adventure and it seems that the program has been very well received by the public. Although it competes on air with ‘and now with Sonsoles’, it seems that the duel between queens is distributed quite well.

It’s strange. In the end, you realize that you are stuck all day. Morning, noon and evening. I like the show we’re doing, and we’re going to do it well. My house will start working soon. My children go to university, my husband to work… Now I do gymnastics in the morning. Food is the worst for me, because now I eat at 12.30, I look English and I still have to adapt to it. I eat very healthy and I like to eat at home, he said about how he is getting used to the new schedule.

Although he loses his morning show, he lives very enriching situations in this new project. This Tuesday, his partner Miguel Valuetech had a surprise for him that brought a big smile to the presenter. It was nothing more and nothing less than the visit of Enrique Cerezo Torres , the current president of the club Atl@tico de Madrid.

Ana Rosa Quintana gets big surprise in 'TardeAR'

My president, it was as if Usera, who is a real fan of the team, received it. We would like to give him a souvenir of the whole team, and the president gave him a couple of jerseys with the name ‘TardeAR’ and a ball, which was also signed by the whole team. What an illusion. I liked this surprise. I did not expect it, because I also know that Cerezo is a very busy man, and he took the opportunity to warn his family: no one will touch this ball.

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