Ana Rosa Quintana Is Having A Great Time Playing With Alex Gonzalez In Tardear And Making A Wish

The presenter connected live with a party at which the actress, who is considered one of the most attractive actresses of this country, was present, and she seemed delighted.

Ana Rosa Quintana stars in one of the funniest moments of the afternoon for her confession about Alex GonzAlez. The actor was the luxurious best man at the party celebrating the first anniversary of the presentation of the clothing brand and2 s Velencosos and was connected live to the Telecinco program. The presenter wanted to know what kind of relationship she had with Ooto, the fashion brand.

I’m a friend of the brand, I came to support this event and enjoy the brand, and the presenter joked with him. I also tell you that it’s better not to put it on, it’s better to take it off. To take it off, you have to put it on first, the actor replied between laughs and the presenter did not hesitate: well, you put it on and then you take it off.

Ana Rosa Quintana makes a request to Alex GonzAlez in TardeAR

Ana Rosa Quintana, who had suffered a lapse a few days ago with her collaborator Paloma Barrientos, explained that two pairs of handsome men met under the same roof, beloved, and referring to the actor and André s Velencoso, told Alex that she appreciated him very much and he wanted to invite him to the program that he directs and presents: Come to the program one day and we will meet and talk. You know that we love you very much here and I love you especially.

Alex GonzAlez quickly responded to the request of Ana Rosa Quintanas in the afternoon. “And I would like to, I am very convinced,” he replied. Miguel Angel NicolAs wanted to provide an information that explains the good attitude of the actors: Alex and I train in the same gym and we are the only ones who go there on Sunday afternoons. Ana Rosa seemed ready to make a comparison between the two, Miguel Angel laughed and preferred to ask her to change the subject.

Many years have passed since Alex GonzAlez began his career as an actor on television in such series as Unstep forward, Los Serrano or Motivos Personales. He is now 43 years old and still has the same childish face as then. He is considered a great actor long before he starred in the series The Prince, with which he became a big star. However, he did not lose any of his sympathy and humility.

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