Animonda series of ‘Hazbin Hotel’ by A24 and Bento Box lands on Amazon

The series , which has long been being developed with Fox A24 and Bento Box Entertainment, was ordered by Amazon Prime Video. He received an order for two seasons.

The eight-part series by Vivienne Medrano will be released on the streamer in January. It comes more than four months after a Medrano pilot was posted on his YouTube channel with more than 80 million views.

Hazbin Hotel follows Charlie, the Princess of Hell, as she pursues her seemingly impossible goal of rehabilitating demons in order to peacefully reduce the overpopulation in her kingdom. After an annual extermination by the angels, she opens a hotel in the hope that customers will “check out” in heaven. While most of hell mocks his goal, his faithful partner Vaggie and his first guinea pig, the adult movie star Angel Dust, stand by his side. As a powerful entity known as the “radio demon”, helping Charlie in his endeavors, his crazy dream has a chance to come true.

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Medrano serves as executive producer and directs all episodes. Joel Kuwahara and Dana Tafoya-Cameron serve as executive producers, while Scott Greenberg, former CEO of Bento Box Entertainment, is producing the first season.

Medrano is represented by Redefine Entertainment, CAA and Lee Rosenbaum at RLG LLP.

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