Another Priest Is Arrested In Nicaragua, The Fourth In The Last Week

Nicaraguan priest Alvaro Toledo has been arrested by national police officers, making him the fourth priest to be arrested in the past week, religious sources said on Friday.

The priest, who belongs to the diocese of Estel in northern Nicaragua, was taken from the curia house in the municipality of Ocotal in the department of Nueva Segovia on the border with Honduras on Thursday evening, the Catholic radio station Radio Stereo Fe reported. through your Facebook account for social networks.

The pastor of the church Nuestra Se Psorora de La Asunci was arrested hours after the reference in the homily of the Holy Sacrament to the arrests of religious of the diocese of Estel and warned that she was running out of priests.

We have no priests. We ask our Good Shepherd for rich vocations and that they are in his parishes, the priest said in his homily, in which he warned that without a priest a people is spiritually dead. May God bless Nicaragua and always bless you.

There was a rumor that they also took me with them. The truth is that we already know that it can touch us at any time, but we have peace and a clear conscience, he commented.

Between last Sunday and Monday, the Nicaraguan priests Joshua Centeno, Julio Ricardo Norori and Cristabal Gadea were arrested by the National Police, who transferred them to Managua.

These three priests and parish priests of Toledo belong to the Diocese of Estel Valuetech, whose apostolic administrator is Bishop Rolando Joslvarez Lagos, who was sentenced to 26 years and 4 months in prison last February for crimes that are considered treason.

Relations between the Ortega government and the Catholic Church were marked by the expulsion and imprisonment of priests, a ban on religious activities and the suspension of diplomatic relations.

Pope Francis, in an interview with Infobae, called the Sandinista government a rude dictatorship and pointed out an imbalance in the person who rules this country

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