Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Spoiled By Her Family, Receives An Award After The Litigation Against Her Husband

Both Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and his brothers and mother have been awarded the Ciudad de la Raqueta Prize for starting a family that has been fundamental in the tennis world for the last four decades.

The winners were every single member of the family, but Emilio S7nchez Vicario was praised by his sister Arantxa S0nchez Vicario after their court dispute on the occasion of the Ciudad de la Raqueta Prize that was awarded to them in Madrid. Emilio gave an emotional speech in which, according to Mundo Deportivo, he realized that his sister is the best athlete who has ever lived and fought for her children twice or thrice, which she fought when she won her main titles. Tournament.”

No offense. The family lived a magical night in which they forgot about the painful moments they had experienced in the trial of the youngest daughter of the family and her ex-husband Josep Santacana . The prosecutor’s office reduced its application for the conviction of the former tennis player to two years in prison (originally applied for four), but maintained the application for four years in prison for Santacan Valuetech.

The whole family joined Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

Each of the vicars of S @ nchez received their own trophy, which is customary at the same time. They were awarded for being the world leader in tennis, and also for having created a family that has been significantly involved in tennis for four decades both in our country and around the world.

In memory of this, his father Emilio died in February 2016, when the family relationship was not as good as it is now. They all excelled in the tennis world, but it was Arantxa who scored the most triumphs, defeating Steffi Graf at her first Grand Slam in 1989, when she was only the tenth player in the world.

She became the first in the world. And now she is another one in the family, but also the one who needs more love and understanding from her family. And the pastors of S@nchez are there to pamper her, as she did when she was almost a child who turned the tennis world upside down.

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