BBC’s ‘The Gold’ Season 2: Unraveling the Aftermath of the Brinks-Mat Heist

The highly anticipated second season of BBC’s gripping heist thriller, ‘The Gold,’ is all set to commence production this month, with filming taking place in both London, England, and Spain. Following the success of the first season, the show promises to continue its intense narrative, exploring the aftermath of the notorious 1983 Brinks-Mat gold heist. Neil Forsyth, the talented writer behind ‘Guilt’ and ‘Eric, Ernie & Me,’ returns for the second season, with Patrick Harkins, associated with ‘Tin Star’ and ‘Guilt,’ directing the unfolding drama.

Recap of Season 1 Finale

The first season finale left fans on the edge of their seats with Palmer’s surprising acquittal, Cooper’s contemplation of cooperation, Boyce’s disciplinary hearings, Brenda’s financial struggles, and the intricate money trail revealed by Cooper. As the Lichtenstein accounts are emptied, the narrative weaves through character struggles, betrayals, and the tantalizing disappearance of half of the stolen gold.

What to Expect in Season 2

The upcoming season promises to delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the missing half of the stolen gold, focusing on the aftermath of the Brinks-Mat heist. The narrative unfolds as a tense exploration of international money laundering and organized crime, showcasing dramatic manhunts conducted by the Metropolitan Police. The second season is poised to be an engaging portrayal of the extensive investigation undertaken to unravel the mystery behind the elusive gold.

Returning Cast

Fans can expect the return of the talented trio of Hugh Bonneville as Brian Boyce, Charlotte Spencer as Nicki Jennings, and Emun Elliott as Tony Brightwell. Additionally, the cast includes Tom Cullen, Stefanie Martini, and Sam Spruell. While some characters may not return due to their convictions in the first season, the seasoned cast is sure to deliver stellar performances.

Filming Locations

Similar to the first season, the filming of ‘The Gold’ Season 2 will take place in both London and Spain. London, a hub for major film releases, and Spain, known for its captivating landscapes, continue to play crucial roles in creating the visually stunning backdrop for the series.

Creator’s Statement

Neil Forsyth expressed his excitement about continuing the Brinks-Mat story, stating, “I am delighted that we have been given the opportunity to tell the rest of the Brink’s-Mat story, which sees the consequences of the robbery and its aftermath grow only more surprising, dramatic, and far-reaching, both in Britain and around the world.”


With the return of key cast members, a captivating storyline, and filming set in iconic locations, ‘The Gold’ Season 2 promises to be an exhilarating continuation of the Brinks-Mat saga. Fans can look forward to more surprises, intense drama, and a thrilling exploration of the consequences that follow one of the most notorious heists in history.

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