Be Honest: David Beckham Interrupts Victoria With A Devastating Comment When She Was Talking About Her Family

The premiere of the documentary ‘Beckham’ was the reason why all family members gathered – including the couple’s daughters-in-law, Nicola Peltz and Mia Regan – in a family photo where elegance and togetherness reigned among all. them.

Through the production, which can now be seen on Netflix, we are discovering the most real and close side of David and Victoria’s marriage and we have no doubts about the union that exists between them and love to be part of their sense of humor. .

The Internet is now buzzing with a video of a part of the documentary in which the former Spice Girl told details about her families: We both come from hard-working families. Our parents work hard. We are working class, he explained. David was listening to Victoria’s statement from behind a door and couldn’t help but interrupt her and ask her to be honest about what she was saying.

Although the fashion designer claimed that she was sincere, the former football player jokingly insisted that she told which car her father had driven her to school when she was little. Victoria’s response? In the 80s, my father owned a Rolls Royce. Having achieved his goal, David thanked her for what she said and closed the door.

This video generated different opinions on social networks: It was very funny, I appreciate that it was real, haha, this is the kind of husband that people deserve, or rich people pretending to be working class.

With the various confessions that appear in the chapters, we confirm that there are also arguments and unevenness in the relationship between this ideal couple, and another statement that affected the networks was that of Victoria Beckham about the alleged infidelity of her husband in 2003 with his assistant Rebecca Loos.

After this episode in their life, they finally decided to fight for their relationship, and eventually overcame them in their marriage, as a result of which they became one of the celebrity couples who never go out of fashion.

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