Beef Ending Explained: A Deep Dive Into The Finale’s Impact

In the world of Netflix’s “BEEF,” Steven Yeun and Ali Wong deliver stellar performances as bitter rivals Danny Cho and Amy Lau, bringing humor and authenticity to a show that explores the complexities of loss, loneliness, and anger. The venomous anger portrayed in the series becomes a catalyst for unhealthy and destructive behavior, creating a narrative that is both compelling and thought-provoking. Through intricate details and well-developed characters, “BEEF” emerges as one of the best projects for both Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, culminating in an explosive confrontation and a quietly powerful final note.

The cast and crew of “BEEF” navigate the semi-realistic yet absurd world of pettiness and despair with ease. The sincerity in the writing, coupled with outstanding performances by the lead actors, allows viewers to embrace the fun premise while deeply connecting with the underlying themes and messages. The finale, in particular, skillfully highlights these themes in a way that feels both honest and hopeful.

What Happened At The End Of BEEF

The conclusion of “BEEF” sees Danny and Amy accidentally poisoning themselves, leading to a profound exploration of life, philosophy, and personal shame. The duo, believing they will die, spends an undisclosed amount of time reflecting, only to discover they have survived. As they return to civilization, their phones reconnect, revealing missed messages and the survival of characters like Paul (Young Mazino). However, the reunion is short-lived as George (Joseph Lee) intervenes, leading to a dramatic turn of events that lands Danny in a hospital bed.

The Significance of Amy And Danny Losing Paul And George

Amy and Danny, portrayed by Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, are characters constantly chasing various facets of life, be it financial security, love, power, or a sense of purpose. However, their primary pursuit is finding someone who loves them unconditionally. Losing Paul and George becomes a crucial turning point, forcing them to reevaluate themselves and their relationships. Stripped of their families and modern distractions, the act of being poisoned allows them to break down their barriers, leading to a vulnerable and profound connection.

Amy And Danny Are The Same Brokenness

Despite appearing as bitter enemies, Danny and Amy share a profound similarity that only becomes apparent when trapped together. The series beautifully depicts them as soulmates, not in a romantic sense, but as individuals who understand each other at a deep and profound level. Their shared insecurities, fears, traumas, and loneliness create a bond that goes beyond the surface, providing a sense of home they’ve long sought.

The Relevance Of The Finale’s Title

The title of the finale, “Figures of Light,” draws from a Carl Jung quote, emphasizing the importance of embracing the darkness within oneself. Amy and Danny can only understand and connect with each other by delving into their own darkness—traumas, insecurities, regrets—and working towards acceptance. The title encapsulates the transformative journey of the characters, shedding light on the significance of self-reflection and acceptance.


“BEEF” stands as one of Ali Wong’s best works, showcasing the talents of both lead actors and leaving audiences eagerly anticipating Steven Yeun’s future projects. With brilliant writing and direction, the series combines a fun premise with profound themes, making it one of Netflix’s most popular shows. As we witness the characters’ journey from bitter rivals to a deep connection, “BEEF” reminds us of the power of vulnerability, self-discovery, and the enduring hope that lies beneath life’s tough exterior.

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