Behind Your Touch: What Is The Motive Of The Shaman Jong Bae?

Netflix Behind the Touch is a South Korean crime comedy with a serial killer investigation at the center. After following detective Moon Jang yeol and his crime-fighting partner Bong ye bun, a veterinarian with psychometric powers, for weeks, the show finally reaches its climax when the duo catches Mujin serial killer Shaman Park Jong bae. The shaman has been an integral part of the show since the pilot, with the narrative often using him as comic relief.

Being a neighbor of Ye bun and a tenant of Seon woo, the shaman built a good relationship with several main characters and even helped with Jang yeol’s investigation several times. Therefore, viewers will be surprised by the final revelation of Jong Bae’s obvious bloodlust. Therefore, if you want to learn more about the impulse behind the actions of the shaman Jong bae, in order to better understand his character, here is everything you need to know.

What Is The Motive Of The Shaman Jong Bae?

Behind Your Touch What Is The Motive Of The Shaman Jong Bae

Although the shaman’s revelation as a serial killer only came with the penultimate season episode, the building behind it has been in the works since the first episode. On the night of a meteor shower, which occurs only once a century, Ye bun receives his psychic powers at the Gwangsik Farm. As the astronomical phenomenon unfolds, the Gwang Sik cow Geumsil attaches some energy, which gives psychometric powers to everyone who comes into contact with the cow.

Ye bun, who is playing Geumsil at this time, gains the strength to see other people’s memories by touching his back. Similarly, Gwang sik, the peasant, receives the same ability, which is triggered by a blow to the leg. Although the two soon find out about the other similar forces, a third psychometry remains in the background, unknown. That same night, Jong Bae returned home. After taking a wrong shortcut, the man ended up at the Gwang Sik Farm.

When the shower happened, shaman Jong bae made eye contact with Geumsil and gained similar skills to Ye bun and Gwang sik. Finally, the shaman visits Australia to see his son and his wife Hong Mi yeon, who have separated from him. During the visit, Jong bae learns about his wife’s renewed dating life through his powers and suffocates her to death. When the shaman kills his wife, he realizes that he enjoys watching someone’s life pass before his eyes when it comes to an end.

In addition, according to Jong bae, the last memory of a dying person is always the best. Consequently, the shaman becomes addicted to this feeling and continues to kill people after returning to Mujin. His first victim is Si a, an influencer he meets outside a supermarket. At night, Jong bae puts on a green raincoat that fits perfectly into mujin and arms himself with a white and blue flower knife, another Mujin staple.

The raincoat ensures that the murders of shamans do not leave blood stains on their clothes and stab their victim in the middle of the night. Although he manages to go unnoticed for a while, his second victim puts him on Jang Yeol’s radar. Thus begins the investigation of Ye bun and Jang yeol.

Since Jong bae only kills for his own satisfaction and has a twisted joy in seeing the light go out of people’s eyes, Jong bae does not let the involvement of his annoying neighbors stop him. Jong bae quickly realizes that Ye bun is helping Jang yeol in the search for the killer and takes preventive measures to avoid getting caught. Since he has the same powers, Jong bae probably knows that psychometry can only see what his subjects are capable of.

Therefore, the shaman comes up with a plan to kill his victims while wearing thick black sunglasses, which, due to lack of visibility, form black screens on their memories. Consequently, she does not see him when Ye bun touches him, when he commits the murders. However, a trace of evidence remains in his memories of the murder of Dr. Jung and Cha. When Jong kills bae Cha, Jung approaches him and turns on the light, blocking the shaman’s view through his sunglasses.

Therefore, a glimpse of Cha’s murder remains clear in his mind before he turns off the light snack and kills Jung. Before Jung’s assassination, Jong bae kills people just by chance on his whim. Jung’s murder, however, marks the beginning of Jong Bae killing people to keep his secret. Despite this, Jong bae refuses to give up killing people until Jang yeol and Ye bun finally catch up with him with Seon woo’s help.

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