Best 5 unusual tips that promise weight loss

Now you know how people are doing: she applied cream this way and that and saw how her body changed in two days, wrapped herself in wrapping paper and cellulite disappeared, ate only ice cream for a week and lost 5 kg, etc.

Give and take some strange, but even dangerous tips and tricks around losing weight and no one knows what really works. Basically, a balanced diet and exercise works . But there are also some rather strange tips that promise that your scale will show a smaller number than before and you will not lose anything to try them out. They are harmless (even funny), while self-submission can sometimes work.

5 unusual tips that promise weight loss

5 unusual tips that promise weight loss

Eating in front of the mirror

This is a technique that will help you eat more consciously and limit yourself. I think it’s better to chew slowly.

Smelled of apple or mint

It is said that smelling certain foods, such as green apples, mint, garlic or olive oil, can make you feel less hungry, which leads to weight loss. This is based on a unique experiment in which the smell of these foods could have caused people not to feel hungry.

Eat in well-lit places

Eating in dimly lit places is believed to lower your eating inhibitions. So if you turn on the light before you start eating, you can actually eat less.

Eat on a blue plate

Since blue is not found in naturally edible foods such as fruits or vegetables, it is said to suppress appetite and lead to weight loss. Of course, the same applies to other colors, such as gray, black, brown and purple, which are also designed to reduce appetite. Therefore, eating in such colorful dishes reduces the possibility of eating more than you need.

Light a vanilla scented candle after dinner

This perfume is designed to suppress your cravings for dessert after eating.

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