Best Beyonce Movies List: She Was In Movies

With an extensive Movies, Queen bey’s career is celebrated not only in music. Check out the muse’s productions, which range from Disney animations to Oscar-winning musicals.

The singer Beyonce announced on Monday (2) the release of her next documentary “Renaissance: a Beyonce movie”. The film will be released in US cinemas on December 1, but in addition, the pop diva has been making a name for herself on the big screen since 2002. Queen Bey starred in such hits as Dreamgirls: in search of a Dream (2006), Cadillac Records (2008) and in the new version of the Lion King (2019). The owner of the hits “Single Ladies” and “Formation” is versatile and proved this even in the seventh art.

For those who do not yet know the acting side of Beyonce, check out below, where you can watch the main films of the pop diva in streaming. His Movies consists of productions of the most diverse genres, which are available on platforms such as Disney+ , Amazon Prime Video , Netflix and HBO Max, among others.

Austin Powers and the Golden Limb Man (2002)

Austin Powers and the Golden Limb Man

A year after the main role in the television movie Carmen: a Hip Hopera, an MTV production based on the musical Carmen, Beyonce joined the main cast of the comedy Austin Powers and the Man with the Golden Member. The third film in the franchise, directed by comedian Mike Myers (voice actor of Shrek), is available on HBO Max. Directed by Jay Roach (the Scandal), the film also stars Seth Green (a masterful outing), Michael Caine (Batman Begins) and Verne Troyer (the love guru) in the cast.

After being defeated by agent Austin Powers in the previous film, Dr. Evil travels in 1975 with the villain Goldmember (all three mentioned by Myers) and the assistant Mini Mim (Verne Troyer). The trio’s new plan is to kidnap Nigel Powers( Caine), the protagonist’s father. To stop her, Austin will have a loving helper: his ex-girlfriend and fellow agent Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyonce). The film received 53% (critics) and 44% (audience) approval on Rotten Tomatoes. On IMDb, the rating is 6.2.

The Fighting Temptations (2003)

The Fighting Temptations

Another comedy in Beyonce’s Movies, now romantic. In The Fighting Temptations, the diva is the protagonist alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. (OJ Simpson in American Crime Story). The film by director Jonathan Lynn (Nuns on the Run) can be rented at Microsoft (5,90 R), Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies for 6,90 r and on Apple TV+ for 11,90 r.. The cast includes Mike Epps (the Hangover), Chloe Bailey (Crush) and Faith Evans (girl trip).

Advertising specialist Darrin Hill (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is single and unemployed when his girlfriend and his boss find out that he lied about his education. His luck changes when he becomes the heir to a fortune left by his aunt Sally (Ann Nesby). But Darrin will be able to enjoy the money only if he leads his aunt’s church choir to victory in a religious dispute. To implement the plan, he relies on the help of the singer and childhood friend, Lilly (Beyonce). According to critics, the film has a 42% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes; Among the viewers, the film has a positive rating of 66% and a score of 5.6 on IMDb.

Dreamgirls: The Quest for a Dream

Dreamgirls: The Quest for a Dream (2006)

Having starred in a number of films that were considered average by critics, Beyonce had a chance to shine on the big screen with um Sonho’s Dreamgirls: Em Busca (available on Globoplay). The work of director Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast) won two Oscars in 2007, the Best Actress for Jennifer Hudson and the Best Sound Mixing. The production stars Anika noni Rose (the Princess and the Frog), Jamie Foxx (Ray) and Eddie Murphy (some people ).

In the 1960s, the female trio Dreamettes tried to break into the charts. Members Deena (Beyonce), Effie (Hudson) and Lorrell (Rose) meet with businessman Curtis Taylor Jr. (Foxx), who connects the trio with the famous soul singer James “Thunder” Early (Murphy). Despite their success, singers suffer from personal dilemmas that undermine their friendship. On IMDb, Dreamgirls has a rating of 6.6, while critical approval on Rotten Tomatoes is 79% (“Fresh” seal), with 71% visible to the public.

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther (2006)

The Pink Panther film franchise, famous between the 1960s and the 1970s, reappeared in theaters in February 2006 with singer Beyonce in the main cast. Actor and comedian Steve Martin (Ocean’s 12) plays the eccentric inspector Jacques Clouseau-a role immortalized by Peter Sellers. The remake of director Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) can be seen on the MGM channel (via Prime Video). The cast includes Kevin Kline (a fish named Wanda), Jean Reno (the professional) and Emily Mortimer (Girl of Fear).

During a football match between France and China, the French coach Yves Gouliant (Jason Statham) is murdered and his diamond, known as the “Pink Panther”, is stolen. The crime falls into the hands of Jacques Clouseau, a not very competent French inspector. Determined to solve the crime, Clouseau decides to investigate the lives of everyone connected with Yves, including his ex-girlfriend Xania (Beyonce). On both audience and critics, the reviews were below average with a rating of 5.6 on IMDb and a press approval rating of 21% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cadillac Records

Cadillac Records (2008)

After her success in Dreamgirls, Queen Bey returned to star (and also produce) in another musical drama. In Cadillac Records, the pop diva plays the R & B diva Etta James (1938-2012). The film can be rented on the platforms Google Play Movies and YouTube (5,90 R), Prime Video (6,90 R R) and Apple TV+ for 11,90 r.. Directed by Darnell Martin (in the Eye of God), the film stars Adrien Brody (the pianist), Jeffrey Wright (Batman) and Columbus Short (the power of rhythm) in the cast.

The plot tells about the creation of Chess Records, one of the record companies focused on black American music. in 1947, Polish immigrant Leonard Chess (Brody) comes to the USA and discovers a fascinating music scene of black artists. Then he begins to sign contracts with such names as Muddy Waters( Wright), Little Walter (Short) and his crush Etta James. With a rating of 7 on IMDb and a technical approval rating of 66% on Rotten Tomatoes, Cadillac Records was another of the pop singer’s films that was a hit with both audiences and critics.


Obsessed (2009)

Beyonce doesn’t just live on victories. The artist suffered her first cinema failure with Obsessed, the first film that earned her a nomination for worst actress at the Golden Raspberry Awards in 2010. The film by director Steve Shill (Super Machine) stars Idris Elba( Luther: the Nightfall), Ali Larter (Heroes), Bruce McGill (Ali) and Jerry O’Connell (Stand by Me). For those who are not interested in reviews and want to watch it, the movie is available on Netflix.

Financial consultant Derek Charles (Elba) is moving to Los Angeles with his wife Sharon (Beyonce) in a successful phase of his work. The couple’s peace of mind is gradually ruined when Lisa (Larter), a colleague of Derek’s, becomes interested in the counselor and does everything to separate him from his family. Among the users on IMDb, the title received a rating of 5. According to the criteria of Rotten Tomatoes, the film has 19% approval of critics (“Rotten” seal) and 46% of the audience.

Hidden Kingdom

Hidden Kingdom (2013)

In this animated film, the singer lends her voice in addition to a great cast: Colin Farrell (Batman), Josh Hutcherson (the Hunger Games franchise), Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained), Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia), Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso) and singers Pitbull and Steve Tyler. The film by director Chris Wedge (Ice Age) can be seen on Disney+.

Mary ” MK” Katherine (Seyfried) is a teenager who is tired of hearing the stories of her father Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) about a magical realm hidden among the trees. Until one day she is transferred to a magical world, which, although fascinating, is marked by a catastrophic war both for its inhabitants and for the reality of MK. The animation has a rating of 6.6 on IMDb and 64% approval (criticism) and 65% (audience) on Rotten Tomatoes.


Homecoming (2019)

After years of acting in films, Beyonce decided to make her own production. The concert film Homecoming: a Beyonce film shows a look behind the scenes of the singer’s performance at the Coachella Festival 2018. The title was created in collaboration with Netflix and was released on September 17.

In addition to the sets, the film shows the presence of important people in the pop diva’s career, such as husband and rapper Jay-Z, sister and singer Solange Knowles and Former Destiny’s Child partners Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Homecoming: a Beyonce movie has a rating of 7.5 on IMDb and approval ratings of 95% (critics, label “Fresco”) and 87% (audience) on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Lion King

The Lion King (2019)

After Disney’s live-action remakes, the pop muse was in the cast of the new Lion King. With the artist Donald Glover (Atlanta), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange), James Earl Jones (Star Wars), Keegan – Michael Key (Super Mario Bros. – The Movie), Florence Kasumba (Black Panther), among others. Directed by Jon Favreau (the Mandalorian), the film is available on Disney+.

Simba (Glover) is a lion running away from his past. As a child, he saw his father, King Mufasa (Jones), killed by Scar (Ejiofor), his jealous uncle who wanted to dominate the savannah. But when Simba meets his former flame Nala( Beyonce), the fallen prince wants to confront Scar in order to regain his rightful throne. Despite the wide distribution, the film did not achieve the same success as the original feature film, receiving a rating of 6.8 on IMDb and a critical approval rating of 52% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Black is King

Black is King (2020)

The latest film project that Beyonce has released so far is Black is King, which will be broadcast exclusively for Disney+. Just like in Lemonade (2016), Bey is responsible for the visual album, which serves as a supplement to the album the Lion King: the Gift, soundtrack to the movie the Lion King (2019).

The singer directed the film, which is full of concept images that combine art, fashion, music and black empowerment. The project has a rating of 5.9 on IMDb, in addition to a 95% approval rating (“Fresh” seal) among reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce

Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce (2023)

Executive produced by the singer herself, Renaissance: a Beyonce film promises to share moments of the Renaissance World Tour 2023, the recording of the latest album, the conception of the ambitious tour-which had been planned since the Covid – 19 pandemic-and moments with the family. The two-and-a-half-hour film will be released in cinemas in the USA, Canada and Mexico on December 1 this year. The film has not yet been released in Brazil.

The date of the premiere was not chosen by chance, since in 1987 the who (World Health Organization) established World AIDS DAY on December 1. The illness claimed the life of the famous “uncle Johnny”, the singer’s uncle, who is mentioned in the Heated Song, one of the songs on the pop diva’s latest album.

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