Bruna Biancardi and Neymar present Mavie!

Now it’s official! Bruna Biancardi and Neymar are already presenting Mavie, the couple’s first daughter. The girl was born this Friday, October 6th. Dad, as already reported, got permission from the club where he plays in Saudi Arabia to meet the little princess. Congratulations, family!

In her social networks, Bruna has published a photo carousel and in one of them it seems that dad is bathing the little girl. She wrote:

Our Mavie has arrived to complete our life. Welcome, daughter! You are already very much loved by US. Thank you for choosing us.

Since yesterday at the maternity hospital, Bruna Biancardi has already been holding Mavie in her arms, according to the influencer’s family . Neymar’s daughter would have been born from Saudi Arabia this Friday, October 6, without the presence of her father.

Although her pregnancy has been disrupted by the controversy surrounding her betrayal, Bruna arrived in Brazil about a month ago and spent the last stretch of her pregnancy without her boyfriend, but surrounded by friends and family.

While Neymar was preparing to join the Arab team Al-Hilal, Bruna Biancardi was planning the arrival of Mavie . She went shopping in Paris in the company of her friend Carol Cabrino, the wife of the player Marquinhos, and secured the little one’s dowry.

I came here to do something that I was really looking forward to and that I really wanted to do: start buying Mavie’s little things. And I hired a consultant who could not improve, who would help me in this mission better than this mother of 3 years? Bruna said in her stories.

On social networks, Neymar was criticized for not participating in the preparation for the arrival of his daughter. You do not remember that there are children in the world, one follower said. Yes, he is involved, gives away the credit card for purchases, someone else joked.

Cradle of gold

In addition, Bruna very carefully prepared the room of the heir to Neymar. The room is located in the house of Biancardi’s parents in Brazil and serves as a support when the family is in the country.

Oh, and a bit of work started here at home. ‘I’ve been wanting to make a little space for Mavie so she can have her own little corner when we’re here at my parents’ house,’ the pregnant woman said early last month.

Luxurious gifts

After the unveiling tea in June, Mavie’s parents received a series of gifts, including overalls, cold sweaters, personalized shoes and even a bodysuit with Santos print, the team that Neymar launched in football.

But a gift stole the show. The heiress won luxury sneakers of the Dolce and Gabbana brand worth 2 thousand reais. That’s what it’s like to be born with money on your back!

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