Bryce Harper tears up Angel Hernandez after Ejecting: ‘the same story every year’

Bryce Harper tears up Angel Hernandez after Ejecting: ‘the same story every year’

Bryce Harper was ejected late Thursday night in the third inning after getting angry with infamous referee Angel Hernandez when Hernandez made a call, and decided that Harper struck with two hits when the bat barely left his shoulder.

If appeals to third base could be measured at a check swing, this could have been one of the worst in Major League history.

There is no specific way for a third- or first-base umpire to decide whether a player has swung. It is often based on intention. Sometimes it seems to be based on the fact that the player’s racket has crossed the base. Regardless of the definition, Harper did not pitch a 3-2 pitch by Pirates right-hander Luis Ortiz.

It’s just bad everywhere, he said. “Grinning a hit against a guy I’ve never met before. I get to a count of 3-2 and go down and slide the slider. Obviously, I did not and did not even think about it in this situation. I got out my things and heard the reaction of the crowd and thought there was no way.

“Angels in the middle of something new. It’s the same story every year, the same thing. I’m probably going to get a letter from (MLB vice president of Field Operations) Michael Hill and get a fine again for being right. It’s the same thing indefinitely. It’s just not right.

Harper was furious after the call. He walked to the third baseline, gesticulated and yelled at Hernandez and seemed to say, among other things: “This is bullshit – – – – “and “this is so (beep) weak”.

Harper walked off the field to applause and threw his helmet into the stands. One kid eventually got the hang of it and used it for the rest of the game.

“I wish I could have hit a home run or done something else in the game to make their night better,” he said.

The fact that it was Hernandez probably influenced Harper’s reaction. Hernandez is notorious for missing calls and having a quick hook, and is hated by players almost everywhere, managers, coaches and fans. Nowadays, everything is measured, and the data coincide with the eye examination of the majority.

It was the fourth time this season that Harper has been ejected. He was ejected two weeks ago in St. Louis by the referee Alex Tosi on the home plate. Louis, after a bad Tosi decision that led to a Harper K.. He was ejected for denying a check swing call in June. He was kicked in mid-May after Rockies reliever Jake Bird teased the Phillies’ dugout and a ensuing argument led to the eviction of both benches.

“I never want to be out of the game,” Harper said. “It was our last game in the regular season. Not all of these people will be able to buy tickets for a postseason game, it’s very difficult to get tickets. Being kicked out of a game like this is no fun. Maybe this year you will see me for the last time. I don’t like that and I don’t like to put the fans in that situation of being thrown out in the third inning. It’s a bummer for everyone. ”

Harper plays with as much passion as any of the greats. Thursday’s matchup between the Phillies and the Pirates meant absolutely nothing in the standings, but if Harper is between the lines, he’s a different person.

“Everyone says that these games don’t mean much, but for every statistic, every game, they mean having a winning mentality,” he said. “All these hits are important. We can’t play forever, and taking one away from you doesn’t look good.”

Harper appeared on the plate for the first time. He reaches 0,295/0,402/0,502 in the season. Although he played 166 career games without a home run at the beginning of the summer, his numbers are in line with the overall standings as a Phillie.

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He should have more free time this weekend at Citi Field when the Phillies end their season against the Mets. Thomson gives his starters rest every day, with the Phils having already earned his specific position as the leading joker. Bryson Stott, Brandon Marsh and Johan Rojas had the night off on Thursday.

“I understand you have to live by a certain mentality of the big leagues,” Harper said, “but at the same time I think it’s wrong when such a bad decision is made.” I’m going to have problems and I just don’t think it’s right.”

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