Calm the turmoil in the heart in just 13 minutes International Day of Peace 2023

The International Peace Day 2023 is celebrated every year on September 21st all over the world. This special day was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly to spread the ideals of non-violence, peace and truce among nations and peoples. Every year a special theme is set for this day. This time the topic is “Action for Peace”, i.e. work for peace. Now this is a matter of politics. But did you know that the happiness of life lies only in “peace”. Let us know how.

So why don’t we start with this

In fact, there is a clear message to celebrate the International Day of Peace in order to create a world where people can live together in love and harmony. So why don’t we start at home, in the office, at school and in the surrounding area? Yes, many big and difficult tasks in life can be easily fulfilled with peace. It is enough to understand the problem peacefully and listen to the other. Happiness is priceless. Today, everyone is fighting to achieve it. When children grow up at home, they often learn how to talk to people, the importance of money, the value of relationships, the importance of education, etc. But most importantly, how to be happy is often not included in this list of human education. Although this is very important.

the tension will disappear

There are often disagreements or quarrels between husband and wife or other family members. If you keep calm in such a situation, instead of getting into a quarrel or quarrel, the matter will not only stop there, but after a while everything will also calm down. If you are also very angry or sad, ask the song for help. According to recent research by the British Academy Of Sound Therapy, listening to your favorite music can relieve your sadness and anger in just 13 minutes. In addition, your mood will improve in just 9 minutes of listening to music. During this survey, 89% of people believed that music had a positive effect on their mood. 90.15% of people said that listening to music relaxes them. 81.80 Percent of people said it makes them happy.

Quiet environment also keeps the mind calm

It is said that any work done with a calm mind is well done. Now even science accepts this. According to various studies, the noise level has adverse effects on humans. According to research, in schools with high noise levels, children can not concentrate on their studies, and teachers can not have a positive effect on students either. When the environment is calm, students feel happy and can concentrate more on their studies. In such a situation, peace is also needed here.

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Do this to stay calm

Today, everyone has to work hard to maintain the balance between relationships and career, household chores and maintaining status in society. The result of this is fear. Many ongoing tasks may be impaired due to anxiety. This constantly causes a feeling of irritation and leads to quarrels at home or in the office. In this situation, meditation is best if you want to stay calm. Scientists studied people who took heavy anxiety medications and those who performed intensive mindfulness meditation for eight weeks and found that both had similar results. In this situation, instead of medication, you can also relieve stress through meditation.

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