Carlo Costanzia’s first words after confirming his conviction for an alleged fraud crime

First words from Carlo Costanzia, son of Mar Flores, in ‘and now Sonsoles’, after learning that the Provincial Court of Malaga ratified the prosecutor’s request for a 21-month prison sentence after he was accused of an alleged crime of serious fraud. The ‘Toyboy ‘ actor sat down with Sonsoles Onega to clarify all the information published about the case and revealed that although he had reached an agreement with the prosecutor’s office to avoid this punishment, he had decided to break it.

Carlo Costanzia explained to the presenter why this original agreement was broken. “I entered this process advised by lawyers who did not give me good advice throughout the process. The necessary evidence that should have been provided: records, WhatsApp conversations, photos and a number of documents that would have allowed me not to be found guilty were not provided.

what I am accused of… I could have defended myself better and did not have to agree with the prosecutor’s office so as not to face a sentence of 6 to 9 years for a crime of continuous fraud, when I really knew perfectly well that he was innocent and had not done it and had evidence of it, “he said.

Carlo Costanzia, whom we have already seen wearing a telematics bracelet on a tour of Madrid, went on to explain why he had decided to come to an agreement. “After this bad advice, when the lawyer I have at the moment comes, we see that it is best to reach a settlement with the victims, especially with of them, who is the only one I know and with whom I have spoken.

“And he was always ready to repay what he went through. “Obviously there’s money flowing out of my account, money that I will pay back, because I always did what I thought was legitimate business. It is legal to do that, which I later find out is not the case,” he said.

Carlo Costanzia: “I have to return 100,000 euros if only 51,000 were spent on my account”

Carlo Costanzia, son of Mar Flores, who was very affected by everything that happened, had to return not only everything that happened on his own, but also the money that the victims gave to his former companion. “If only 51 thousand euros have been spent on my account I have to return 100 thousand euros.. Unfortunately, 1,000 euros go from fraud crime to serious fraud. My ex-partner and I have to take responsibility so that they agree with the mitigation of punishment and his suspension”.

The ‘Toyboy’ actor, who has already spoken to Susanna Griso about his problem with the law, has made it clear that he will not go to prison for the time being. “Theoretically, no, no. I have been serving this sentence for 4 months already, I have already served 4 months of the 21-month prison sentence and I am in semi-freedom with a telematics bracelet, because I have already served a prison sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol and this allowed me to get the 2 sentences.

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I did not think that I would serve this sentence, because there was an agreement with the prosecutor’s office.”Her ex-partner is wanted and captured and Carlo Costanzia wanted to make it clear that he was the one who returned the money to the victims. “Let it be clear that I returned the money, and it was not my ex-partner who returned it. Obviously I paid, which is the last thing I wanted, I paid more to get a deal.”

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