Carmen Borrego, At The Limit Against Edmundo Arrocet: My Mother Was Lifeless Because Of This Scoundrel

Edmundo Arrocet’s exclusive interview for DIEZ MINUTOS brings a lot of emotion with it . After Carmen Borrego’s indignation at the words of Teresa Campos’ ex-partner, who responded live to her statements, the presenter’s daughter fainted again when talking about her mother’s ex-partner. On this occasion, to explain what kind of relationship the journalist and the comedian had during their time together.

Throughout the Friday afternoon, Sandra Barneda interrupted ‘This Is life’, a program that Carmen Borrego is collaborating on, to read a message from a person who knew Mar Elima Teresa Campos and Edmundo Arrocet very well: Yusan, who was the director of ‘What a Happy Time’., who talked about the relationship between the presenter and the comedian . After listening to him, Borrego had to cry when he remembered how he had lived the relationship between Teresa and Edmundo during the years they had been together. I don’t want people to think they are alone, I tell what I lived, he stressed.

At first she was very happy because she felt accompanied every day. But this relationship was very destructive, because when she was in love, one day at home he told her: ‘Teresita, I am a free soul. For almost two years she carried out her program to the limit, because every three months he did not know if his partner was alive or dead, because one morning he told her ‘Teresita, I will be traveling soon’ and from that moment on he did not answer the phone for weeks or months… Barneda read. Moment when she paused, when she saw the ruined lamb tears next to her.

Carmen Borrego, At The Limit Against Edmundo Arrocet: My Mother Was Lifeless Because Of This Scoundrel

I have experienced everything you say, I have experienced my mother’s suffering every day and I have seen my mother cry every day. And I want her, at least now, not to humiliate her by saying that she was with one or the other. My mother can’t defend herself, should we do this to a person who has just left and has never hurt anyone before? “My mother was a very good person,” Carmen Borrego said. If you can be a hummingbird, but you can’t do so much harm to a human being, that’s not fair. Why did you do this to my mother? Why did you destroy the last years of her life? Because she was never happy again, why? Why? She scolded.

Visibly affected, Borrego appealed to the family of Edmundo Arrocet and to the artist himself: why don’t they leave her alone after she leaves? You, your daughter, your niece… Keep the memory of an honest person, a great worker and a great mother . Please leave her alone.

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