Carmen Borrego’s emotions when she saw Teresa Campos’ house again with her things

The employee, along with the rest of her family, visited the communicator’s house to pick up her personal belongings and auction the furniture.

This Wednesday, October 18, on the set of ‘This is Life’, Carmen Borrego told how it was time to go to her mother Mar Zheja Teresa Campos’ house after her death to pick up her personal belongings and auction the furniture. from the communicator. These are difficult times for the Campos family.

Just yesterday, Terelu Campos was seen at an ‘Ausonia’ event on the fight against cancer and honestly said how difficult it is that her mother has not been here : for days. My family and friends are my great support , the presenter said. Carmen also finds it difficult to move forward, but as long as the family stays together, everything will be easier.

I think one of the hardest times for someone who has lost a loved one is to pick up his things, go to his house, open his closets… be there again, Sandra Barneda said, before the contributor expressed his opinion. I think it’s the moment when you realize that this person is no longer with you…

His grandchildren were there too, we took what we wanted… and it’s something all families do when something like this happens. It was very painful for my mother to leave her previous home, this move had a big impact on her… “that’s where she got rid of most of the stuff,” Teresa’s little daughter said excitedly from Maracaibo.

The first day you enter is very difficult, because you do not dare to enter, but then it gave me peace to be there with your things, with the smell of her… the things that my mother loved the most, we have. Having certain things of my mother at our house brings her a little closer to us, although unfortunately she is so far away. Although it was complicated, the good thing is that they overcame another step of this duel.

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