Case Daniel Sancho, His Possible Involvement In Another Fight In Madrid

The events took place in 2015 in a nightclub in Madrid, in the Chamartin area. According to this person, the son of Rodolfo Sanchos scolded them until they fell out.

Daniel Sancho creates a circus and raises dwarfs. This Tuesday, October 3, the TardeAR program counted exclusively on the testimony of a boy who fought with the actor’s son Rodolfo Sancho . The events took place in 2015 in a nightclub in Madrid, in the Chamartin area.

“He insulted us and there he beat a friend of mine,” Richard William Medina began with the words. According to the affidavit, the Spanish chef arrested in Thailand for the alleged murder of Edwin Arrieta had beaten my friend, who had a glass in his hand, and had broken his teeth with the same glass.

The young man became angry with the other person and the person who gave the testimony for the Ana Rosa Quinta program intervened and also suffered injuries: I approached him and he hit me and broke my nose. He kicked me to the ground and broke my nose. the metacarpal bone.

Daniel Sancho and the victims of this fight went to court and allegedly the son of Rodolfo Sancho appeared with an arrogant attitude denying all these blows. He eventually paid about 14,000 euros in court costs and compensation.

In addition to this attack, the son of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Broncholo has another problem in Madrid. Daniel Sancho committed a crime of injuring a man in 2019, and now the trial is taking place, but the organization refused to ask the Asian country to transfer the Spaniard so that he could answer in person. Since they did not allow his extradition, Sancho has to testify by video call.At this time, it is determined what his new appearance looks like today.

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