Cast of the Fall of the House of Usher: Who’s who on Netflix

The case of the House of Usher is now on Netflix and, as expected, Mike Flanagan’s latest project is already causing a stir on the streaming platform and we tell you who is in the cast of the horror series and who is who.

Mike Flanagan, who has been responsible for other successful projects such as Midnight Mass and The Haunting Of Hill House, is also responsible for this story based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, in which the ruthless brothers Roderick and Madeline see their entire dynasty threatened when they begin to die at the hands of a mysterious woman whom they met in their youth and whom they met in:

  • Carla Gugino
  • Bruce Greenwood
  • Mary McDonnell
  • Kate Siegel
  • Henry Thomas
  • Rahul Kohli
  • Sauriyan Sapkota
  • Zach Gilford
  • Kyliegh Curran
  • Samantha Sloyan
  • Willa Fitzgerald
  • Katie Parker
  • Malcolm Goodwin
  • Carl Lumbly
  • Mark Hamill
  • Aya Furukawa
  • Daniel Jun
  • Matt Biedel
  • Ruth Codd
  • Annabeth Gish
  • Robert Longstreet
  • Michael Trucco
  • T’Nia Miller
  • Paola Nunez
  • Crystal Balint

How many chapters does the fall of the House of Usher consist of?

In the usual style of Mike Flanagan, this is not the kind of series that is full of episodes, so the fall of the House of Usher in its first season has a total of 8 episodes and we tell you what they are and what they are:

A Dark Midnight: A wealthy CEO is facing a criminal investigation in the midst of tragedy, trauma and a supernatural threat. An informant is lurking among the Usher family.

The Red Death Mask: Motivated by money and revenge, Perry throws an exclusive masquerade party that takes a turn. A young Roderick introduces a revolutionary new opioid.

The murders in the Rue Morgue: Camille, in charge of the public relations of the porters, conspires so that the controversy favors her family and the dark details of her sister’s experiments come to light.

The Black cat: Leo adopts a black cat that brings misfortune to his home… and a mysterious woman. Roderick suffers from terrible hallucinations.

The Revealing Heart: Victorine is about to test her heart technology on a patient, but the tensions between her and Alessandra are increasing. Dupin makes a startling confession.

Goldbug: Pym learns disturbing information about Verna. With his dwindling marriage, Tamerlan stages a rocky start that exceeds all expectations.

The pit and the pendulum: Friedrich is furiously preparing to complete unfinished business. Madeline receives an eerie message at one of her favorite places. Dupin distrusts Roderick’s motives.

The Raven: In 1980, Roderick and Madeline take the opportunity to build their fortune… for a price. Decades later, the remaining bouncers are confronted with the consequences.

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