Celebrities Laura Escanes has been with: from ‘anonymous’ Audio to Risto Mejide or Alvaro de Luna

Laura Escanes is one of the most famous influencers in our country and how could it not be otherwise, her love life is commonplace in gossip magazines. Laura is known for having a famous couple and we all know it’s Risto Mejide, however. who is she dating and who else was the influencer dating?

We go back a few years, when Laura Escanes became known on social networks, and her relationship with Risto Mejide made the tabloids even more interested in her. So the influence became more known through this relationship.

In the first few years that Laura and Risto were together, they received a lot of criticism due to the age difference between them and their alleged interest in becoming famous. At that moment, a tone appeared that Laura allegedly sent to an ex of hers, who was anonymous at the time, and we say at that time, because although we still don’t know who he is today, everyone will remember him as the boy in the tone. .

This is what the audio said“ “You’ve shown it to me again now, ok? everything, okay? all. So you answer me with three fucking sentences, see how I’m doing, know that you did it wrong, you idiot, that I didn’t do it, that you did it… Instead of calling me and asking for forgiveness or telling me something as many times as necessary, you tell me ‘I’m going to get dressed, I don’t know what…’… you’re going to fuck yourself and now I’m not going to do anything, no. I’m not doing anything, I’m not doing anything.”

Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide were together for seven years, during which there was a marriage, and their little Roma was also born . As we have already discussed, this relationship has been very criticized since you were together at 41 and you at 19. The age difference has been the focus of criticism during these seven years.

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On the other hand, the divorce was one of the most intense in the celebrity scene, because no one expected it and soon the two began to receive information from third parties. It can be said that their relationship did not end very well, and Risto and Laura have a warm relationship because of their daughter.

Everyone fell in love again by themselves, Laura is now with Alvaro de Luna and Risto Mejide had a relationship with Natalia Almarcha that lasted only a few months.

Laura Escanes and Alvaro de Luna

After her breakup with Risto Mejide, rumors surfaced that Laura Escanes might be dating Alvaro de Luna . Information that appeared when they were just starting out, so they always wanted to keep an eye on their relationship until one day they couldn’t anymore and made it public.

To this day, Laura and Alvaro continue together and they had super sweet moments when he took her to the stage of a festival to dedicate the song he was composing when he met her: ‘all with you’.

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