Cher Initiates Conservatorship for Son Elijah Amid Substance Abuse Concerns

Cher has taken legal steps to become the exclusive conservator of her 47-year-old son’s estate, expressing significant worries about his ability to manage financial resources. This move comes as the legendary singer addresses Elijah Blue Allman’s well-documented struggles with substance abuse, fearing that any financial assistance might be diverted to drugs, posing a serious risk to his life.

Financial Management Challenges and Risks

In documents obtained by The Blast, Cher underscores that Elijah is “substantially unable to manage his own financial resources.” The iconic singer is concerned that funds allocated to him could swiftly be consumed by his alleged substance abuse issues, potentially leaving him without the assets needed for self-sustainability.

Previous Kidnapping Allegations and Legal Battles

This conservatorship filing follows a tumultuous incident a year prior when Elijah’s wife, Marie Angela King, claimed in divorce papers that Cher orchestrated the kidnapping of Elijah. King alleged that Cher hired four individuals to abduct him from a New York hotel room while he was reportedly in lockdown at a treatment facility. Cher has vehemently denied these kidnapping allegations.

Cher’s Response and Ongoing Legal Proceedings

Cher’s representatives have not issued a comment on the conservatorship request. The Daily Beast has reached out for clarification, but no response has been received as of now. The unfolding legal saga surrounding Elijah Allman’s conservatorship raises questions about how Cher will navigate the delicate balance between family concerns, substance abuse issues, and contested events.

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