Christian Nodal and Cazzu pose with their baby for the first time in a family photo

The famous singing couple was first seen with their daughter in a picture shared on social networks with the doctors who helped the Argentinean give birth.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu announced the birth of their baby in mid-September through their social networks. However, in the picture only the hands of the new parents could be seen next to those of the girl.

More than 3 weeks after the arrival of Nodal’s daughter, the happy couple shared for the first time some family pictures with the doctors who monitored the singer during her pregnancy.

​Since the famous singers announced the birth of their daughter, they have very discreetly revealed details about the girl, so until now they have not revealed the name they wanted to give the baby.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu pose with their baby

However, in some images shared by the Instagram account@ dreskatz, you can see the proud parents carrying their baby wrapped in a blanket next to the doctors who carried Cazzu’s pregnancy.

In the pictures you can see the two singers happy with their daughter, while the regional Mexican singer gives her a tender kiss on the head , although the girl’s face is not visible, as it is covered by the pink blanket. .

In the photos you can see Christian Nodal in sweatpants or fleece pajamas , still with tattoos on different parts of his face, and Cazzu in gray trousers . She wears the girl and also smiles.

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