Cora Karvounis: she married her partner

A very special moment was experienced by Cora Karvouni on Wednesday, September 27. The actress, who this year also stars on TV in the season series of Skai, the Pantheoi, married in a civil marriage her partner, Panagiotis Galanos.

The happy news was announced through a post by Deputy Mayor of Athens Vasilis Koromantzos who also shared a photo of the couple from the ceremony. Cora Karvouni in an ancient Greek style, white dress and a bouquet of wild flowers in her arms, posed by her partner’s side and shook the deputy mayor’s hand. Her joy for this important day of her life together with her partner was reflected in the smile that you will see painted on her face in her photo.

“A little respite from the election campaign to marry loving couples in the City Hall of Athens. Yesterday in the midst of the weddings I had the honor and married the well-known actress Mrs. Cora Karvouni with her partner, Panagiotis Galanos. I wish them life anthosparton, to live happy and loved, ” the deputy mayor wrote in his post.

Cora Karvouni and Panagiotis Galanos have been together for several years, however they take care to protect their privacy, make rare joint appearances and somehow managed to keep “secret” from the media even the happy event of their marriage.

The actress in March 2023 had spoken in an interview about him and the postponement of their wedding that they planned to do earlier than September 27, 2023. The coronavirus, however, and the blow it brought to the professional lives of the artists, forced the couple to change their plans.

“He used to work at the National Theatre, now he works as a sound engineer in a company. We were both in the theater. We made a living from theatre. This was very harsh, because we had just overcome the economic crisis and, just when we were recovering, came the coronavirus, which hit the people of art very much. Much more than the average person imagines. We couldn’t even do telework. And the musicians, but also the theatre technicians. So many people work in the theater. Even the theatre canteen. So our plans went back, but that’s life. There’s always that possibility. We haven’t arranged anything yet, but the wedding is in our plans,” Karvouni said.

Despite the fact that their wedding plans went backwards, Cora Karvouni, when talking about her partner, called him “my husband”, as she had said in another interview.

“Why should you know more? do I know yours? I’m kidding. It’s not that you know little, but no one is involved. Indeed, I am a man steady enough. I don’t like changes, even good ones. They upset me. I have been fortunate enough to have met a great man in my life, with whom we are engaged. We’re not married yet because we’re broke financially. During the pandemic we lived on the allowance. So we couldn’t have a wedding. However, I always say ‘my husband’ when I refer to Panagiotis, ” he told OK!.

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Cora Karvouni loves commitment, when it comes in terms of respecting your personal freedom. This was her philosophy she had spoken of in an interview with LadyLike. “I like engagements, very much. For me, commitment is not the opposite of freedom. You can be committed and be completely free in it. Otherwise it’s not commitment, it’s forced labor. We have a little misunderstood the meaning of commitment,” Cora Karvouni had said.

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