Cuba Criticizes The Deployment Of A Foreign Military Contingent To Haiti

Cuba on Friday criticized the decision to send a foreign contingent to Haiti, which was approved by the UN Security Council earlier this week, although this was a request from the Haitian government itself.

The most important upcoming task of the international community with Haiti is not to send a military contingent, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The aim of the deployment of the international force is to support the National police in the fight against armed gangs operating in Haiti .

In this regard, Havana stressed that more and better international assistance and cooperation are needed to resolve this situation.

Cuba reiterates its call to address the situation in Haiti with due regard to the country’s structural, economic and social problems, the Foreign Ministry said.

He also called for effective assistance mechanisms that ensure the efficient use of all resources provided by the international community for the benefit of the Haitian people.

According to Havana, a large part of the international financial assistance was insufficient and was not disbursed or absorbed by numerous foreign non-governmental organizations and program implementation agencies for their own expenses.

The Cuban government reaffirmed its position in favor of peace and stability in the neighboring Caribbean country, while defending the legitimate rights of its people to find a peaceful and sustainable solution to the enormous challenges they face, based on full respect for their sovereignty.

The statement of the Foreign Office also referred to the Cuban cooperation with Haiti, which began in 1998 with a brigade of doctors, which is now being maintained. Cuba maintains its commitment to solidarity with Haiti and will continue to provide him with unconditional assistance, he noted.

The UN Security Council on Monday approved the deployment of a multinational force to support the Haitian police for one year (renewable) , a decision taken 12 months after the request of the Haitian government itself.

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