Cynthia Nixon is on hunger strike for Gaza, sharing on Twitter

Cynthia Nixon starts a hunger strike to protest against the war between Israel and Hamas, which has driven the population of Gaza to despair. The Sex and The City and just like that star joined a group of war protesters outside the White House on Monday, November 27. There he confirmed that he would start a hunger strike, which, however, will last for 2 days. As we speak, Cynthia Nixon has probably eaten before.

The symbolic – apparently -hunger strike, launched by Cynthia Nixon, aims to draw attention to the situation of Palestinians struggling to find water and food because of the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

“We are on a hunger strike just to somehow show President Biden the kind of deprivation that is happening in Gaza and how it is in his power to impose the ceasefire,” Cynthia Nixon said at the protest march, according to Time magazine. “None of this is normal. None of this is routine and none of this should continue,” he added.

A temporary ceasefire is in effect in Gaza to exchange hostages between the two sides, people captured by Hamas and Israel in the conflict that began on October 7.

The protest march attended by Cynthia Nixon was also attended by Democratic politicians. The actress was involved in politics, having proved her strength in the candidacy for governor of New York in 2017.

The symbolic hunger strike will last 5 days in total and Cynthia Nixon will participate in 2 of these 5 days. While a movement for peace in the region and solidarity with the Palestinians is very difficult in today’s world, where people are losing their jobs just for speaking up for Palestine, so Cynthia Nixon’s brave and courageous decision to defend her beliefs is admirable, tweet/X was not impressed.

In addition to the fact that Cynthia Nixon was criticized by those who are without anyone, but also perhaps “let’s see, my child, do not lose our humanity” in favor of the Israelis in this conflict, who wished her not to eat for a long time, called her anti-Semitic and ignorant, the actress was also judged by the duration of her hunger strike.

“Cynthia Nixon is entering a hunger strike for the ceasefire in Gaza, only 2 in 5 days,” wrote former Congressman Dov Hikind, who is also the founder of Americans against anti-Semitism. “Are you really on a hunger strike or are you just on a 2-3 day diet?”another person wondered, while several other Twitter/X users pointed out that it is hypocritical to go on a hunger strike for 2 days while there are hunger strikers who have lost their lives demanding their rights.

However, Cynthia Nixon, who for professional reasons, since she said she cannot do the 5-day hunger strike she declared with her comrades outside the White House, noted that her ties with the people and the side of Israel are strong. Although she is not Jewish, they are the children she had with her ex-husband, Danny Mozes.

“As a mother of Jewish children whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, my son asked me to use my platform to project as strongly as possible that ‘never again’ means ‘never again for everyone,'” Cynthia Nixon said.

“As an American, I am here to demand that our President stop funding the mass extermination and starvation of thousands of innocent Palestinians, most of whom are children and women. He should use this moment to negotiate a permanent ceasefire that brings hostages and political prisoners home to start building the foundations for a long peace.”

Everything you do is good when you are on the side of those who want peace. At the other end of the seesaw, however, are the horrors and upsets of war.

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