Daniel Sancho avoids meeting his parents at all costs

It seems that Daniel Sancho is trying to avoid a more intimate personal meeting with his parents. The young man, who is in the prison of Koh Samui, had the opportunity to apply for a visa a vis in order to reunite with up to five family members, and for the first time in a long time he was able to see a loved one again without a glass in the center unattended, but the cook would refuse this consultation.

Daniel had to apply for this ‘vis visa’ in advance, with the next 30. September the scheduled appointment was to hug his parents Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Broncholo and others he chose. After all, the document for obtaining this permit was never requested.

Few people know the reason for the young man’s drastic decision. As the newspaper ‘ABC’ found out, Daniel did not lift a finger to finally see his people face to face, so it is to be hoped that Rodolfo Sancho will not move to Thailand these days. The waters are restless now, all the more so considering that the Thai policeman leading the case, Big Joke, is being investigated for alleged bribery.

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Due to his good behavior, the Thai police offered this license to Daniel Sancho. A privilege he wanted to refuse. The authorization consisted of two two-hour shifts and a meal where there was no glass between them and he could touch his parents or the people he had chosen: “You can eat together and there are no screens.

with the rest of the inmates, without monitoring what they say or what they say. In addition, it can bring gifts, but they will be supervised, “they emphasized in the program “Espejo Público “.

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