Daniel Sancho Case: The Former Thai Lawyer’s Criticism Of Rodolfo Sancho’s Son

Kuhn Anan, Daniel Sancho’s former Thai lawyer, attacks Rodolfo Sancho’s son again. On September 12, the actor’s spokesman, RAM Microplirr, confirmed that he had decided to forego the legal advice of this lawyer, who works for Fernando Oca’s Bangkok office.

Kuhn Anan has been leading the defense of the young chef since his arrest for the alleged murder of Edwin Arrieta , his confession and subsequent admission to the Koh Samui prison. Kunh Anan visited him in prison, but everything changed after Rodolfo Sancho added Marcos García Montes to his legal team. Apparently, they had a confrontationand the actor decided to abandon the services of the Thai office.

After his dismissal, Kuhn assured Anan’s entourage that the Thai lawyer was tired of the media pressure, and then the lawyer attacked Rodolfo Sancho to make sure that the actor contacted him only once, while he was Daniel Sancho’s lawyer. Now Kuhn Anan spoke to the magazine Semana, where he revealed that he believes that he will be sentenced to the death penalty if they do not change their legal strategy, no matter what, he said.

The correspondent of Tardear in Thailand, Marofensi, repeated the words of Kuhn Anan, in which he complained about the treatment by the Spanish lawyers of Daniel and Rodolfo Sancho, claiming that he decided to stop working with the young chef, although Daniel Sancho’s spokesmen assure that it was the chef who decided to renounce his services, and not vice versa. In addition, the reporter recalls that the Thai lawyer told Alejandro’s colleagues in a conversation that he had fired him.

At the moment, Daniel Sancho , in whose case new information has appeared that could shorten his sentence, does not have a new lawyer in Thailand and at the moment he is in no hurry, since this is not necessary at the procedural stage in which his case is, although yes, it will be necessary when the prosecutor writes his report and presents it to the judge, a little After the presentation of this document, the date of the trial will be set.

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