Daniel Sancho: Shocking new criminal data comes to light that could reduce your sentence

According to the latest statements of the investigators, it is not impossible, although Daniel has difficulties: they insist that the motive would be passionate, and he could reduce his possible punishment thanks to a video.

The Daniel Sancho case could radically turn off the script, and the alleged murderer of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta could reduce his possible prison sentence, and very much, if he can prove one crucial detail . Although Marcos García Montes , his lawyer since August, insists that Daniel is innocent until proven guilty, the truth is that Daniel has always cooperated with the judiciary and has told how this would have supposedly led to the extinction of the crime . The strategy would be to work together to avoid the death penalty and try to get at least a life sentence, but now it could be different.

In the afternoon, they contacted the investigating officers in Thailand, who assured them that the motive for the crime was love. They insist on premeditation: Sancho thought of murdering Edwin Arrieta. One of the people in charge of the investigation told us that the crime was passionate, that the two did not understand each other and that they think that Sancho was ruminating and preparing this crime . Now that there are still a few steps ahead, this police report has passed into the hands of the public prosecutor’s office, which now has to prepare its own report and submit it to the court in Samui, which can then set a trial date.added the reporter that TardeAR had sent to Koh Pha Ngan.

In addition, they also revealed that Spain attaches great importance to proving that Daniel had suffered from coercion and threats and that he had been the victim of harassment by Arrieta with a sex video, which would be even more important for reducing future punishment, because it could prove this alleged harassment : he knew that DNA evidence would incriminate him, so from the first moment he decided to confess and cooperate. But at the moment, the strategy that his lawyers are playing could even cost him dearly. better: on the one hand, extradition to Spain, on the other hand, it will be reduced to only 15 years in prison .

At the moment, since Khun Anan left the defense of Daniel Sanchos in Thailand, the young man remains without a lawyer there, which is crucial for the trial, where only a Thai lawyer can represent him .

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